State of Michigan Timber Sale Preparation Services Contract Information

The Department of Natural Resources, Procurement Services, is soliciting completed Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) from firms interested in providing Timber Sale Preparation Services for the state of Michigan.

The purpose is to pre-qualify bidders for timber sale preparation work on state forest land for the DNR's Forest Resources Division (FRD). The work which will be offered under the Terms and Conditions will include, but is not limited to: tree marking, tree measurements, point cruising, interior payment unit boundary marking, cutting boundary marking, timber sale boundary marking, and area determination using GPS. Pre-qualified contractors are authorized to bid on work when advertised.

The contractor or the contractor's representative must be certified before field work can begin. A contractor may become pre-qualified with only items 1 to 4 of the Timber Marker and Cruiser Task Book complete, but field work cannot begin until the contractor or his/her representative is fully certified. All field workers for the contractor must also be certified. A detailed explanation of certification is included in the Timber Marker and Cruiser Task Book

For an approved SOQ, a person or company needs to meet the qualifications listed in the SOQ, submit the SOQ to the DNR and have it approved. The signed SOQ should be mailed to Patrick Avendt, DNR Procurement Services, P.O. Box 30028, Lansing, MI 48909.

  1. FRD Management Unit Map
  2. FRD Timber Management Specialists Geographic Areas
  3. Timber Sale Prescription Form - R4038
  4. The Compleat Marker: A Guide to Managing Northern Hardwoods on Michigan State Forests
  5. Addendum to The Complete Marker
  6. Within-Stand Retention Reference Guide - IC4110-1
  7. Within-Stand Retention Guidelines - IC4110
  8. Product Standards - IC4057
  9. Checklist for Contractor Prepared Timber Sale - R4102
  10. Timber Marker and Cruiser Task Book - PR4039
  11. FRD Contact
  12. Tally Cards
    12.1 Cumulative/V-Bar Tally Card - R4039-1
    12.2 Marking Tally (Large Pulp) Card - R4039-2
  13. FRD Quality Control Check Forms
    13.1 Marking Prescription and Sawlog Check - R4039-3
    13.2 Marked and Sampled Pulp Check Cruise - R4039-4 13.3 Cumulative Tally Check for Marked Pulp - R4039-5
    13.4 Cumulative Tally Check Cruise - R4039-6