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Winter disc golf

man throwing disc golf

Winter disc golf

One of winter's least expensive hobbies is disc golf! This traditionally summertime sport combines hiking (snowshoeing) and frisbee with the rules of golf. State parks are home to seven disc golf courses, with multiple distance options available in the winter:


  • While the courses are open, access sometimes can be snow-dependent. Parking lots may be plowed, but the trail to the course isn't. Plan ahead to snowshoe or ski the course if snow has accumulated in the area.
  • Because tees aren't cleared and snow removal doesn't happen on the course, you may also want to bring a small shovel.
  • Glow-in-the-dark discs are available and can help extend your game into dusk when days are shorter.
  • Carry all garbage out with you. 

State parks with disc golf courses