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Wildlife viewing

an heron in a marsh

Wildlife viewing

Eyes in the field

As you are out enjoying Michigan's wealth of wildlife, we encourage you to share your observations of certain species: cougar, eastern Massasauga, moose, wild turkey, lynx and more, in addition to diseased wildlife.

Report wildlife observations
A yellow, black and white bird sits in a tree


Michigan’s birds are some of the most beautiful and fascinating creatures to observe outdoors. Learn all about birding in Michigan including what you need to get started and great locations to visit to see a wide variety of species.

An elk standing in a field with fall trees in the background

Elk viewing

One of Michigan's most sought-after viewing species is the elk, and fall is the best time to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures. Learn all about Michigan's elk herd, see a map of designated elk viewing locations and more.

A sandhill crane standing in a bright green field

Sandhill cranes

Every autumn in Michigan, a migration of thousands of Sandhill Cranes takes place in the southern Lower Peninsula. Head south to Jackson and Washtenaw counties where Sandhill Cranes spend the months of October and early November in Michigan marshlands.

Cards from What in the Wild set up on a stump

What in the Wild

Do you have what it takes to make a home for wildlife? Learn about Michigan's wildlife playing "What in the Wild" – a game consisting of 120 cards containing plant and animal species and the food, shelter and space they need to survive. Five different games included.

deer fawn in the grass

Keep Michigan's wildlife wild

Each spring and summer, we are flooded with calls as people across the state run into a common dilemma – they have come across a baby animal and desperately want to help. If you happen to find a fawn or other baby animal, please leave it in the wild! Taking an animal from the wild is not only illegal, it is dangerous.