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Season information

Elk application period: May 1 - June 1
Drawing results available online: June 24

Elk hunt orientation

Hunt period one (PDF map): Aug. 27–30, Sept. 13–16, Sept. 27–30

Hunt period two (PDF map): Dec. 14–22 

Detailed information about elk hunting seasons, management units, hunting hours and more can be found in the Elk hunting regulations summary.

Elk hunting licenses

Elk licenses are very limited and only available through drawing. You do not need a base license to apply for the drawing, but if chosen you must purchase a base license and elk receipt to hunt.

Buy an application, license or check points

Hunting regulations

Wildlife Conservation Order Thumbnail

Wildlife conservation order

The general hunting regulations are a condensed summary of the full regulations and legal descriptions found in this wildlife conservation order, issued by the Natural Resources Commission.

A promotional poster for the hunt fish app with a nature scene.

Hunt fish app

Download the Michigan DNR Hunt Fish app today! With it, you can store and access regulations, report your harvests, purchase applications, licenses and permits, check drawing results and much more.

Elk hunting digest cover showing an elk in a field

Elk hunting regulations

This brochure is not a legal notice or a complete collection of hunting regulations and laws. It is a condensed summary of the wildlife conservation order issued for hunters’ convenience.


Elk lottery system explained

Hunters are selected for an elk hunting license using a random weighted drawing system. The system is explained in detail in the video below. You can also find detailed information on page 8 of the elk digest. Successful applicants will receive an elk orientation packet in the mail within three weeks of drawing results being posted.

Drawing statistics