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The sun shines through a forest of trees with fall colors on them


At the DNR, we work toward better, smarter solutions that improve sustainability in our land and resource management, facilities and operations. For more than a century, we have been committed to the conservation, protection, management, use and enjoyment of Michigan’s natural and cultural resources for current and future generations. Sustainability is about that future, about our children and grandchildren, and the world we will leave them.

Sustainable practices support ecological, human and economic health. When certain resources are finite and nonrenewable, decisions about how those resources are used must be made with an eye on long-term goals and priorities. Learn more about we how care for public lands, deliver quality recreation opportunities and protect fish and wildlife, today and for tomorrow – and how you can help.

A single common loon in a lake

Climate action

Learn more below about steps we are taking – as well as actions you can take – to protect Michigan’s great outdoors in the face of a changing climate.

A wetlands scene with blue sky above

Michigan the Beautiful

Michigan the Beautiful is our collective journey to conserve, connect and restore at least 30 percent of Michigan’s lands and waters by 2030.

Sign with the words Green Initiatives, green recycling arrows, and the DNR logo

Green initiatives

See steps we’re taking to help protect Michigan’s natural resources and the environment, and opportunities for you to join us in these efforts.

A forester in a green, fern-filled forest

Sustainable forestry

We take forest management seriously. That means maintaining our sustainability certifications and carefully planning out how we care for  state forests.