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Forestry Grants

Grants are available to assist with urban and community forestry, private forest stewardship, volunteer fire departments and more. Each grant program has specific criteria for eligible projects and who can apply, as well as specific application deadlines and minimum/maximum grant request amounts.

Available grants

Community Forestry Grants

Supports urban forestry projects for local governments, schools and other organizations.

Applications open in September.

DTE Energy Tree Planting Grants

Provides funding to increase the number of properly planted and maintained trees within DTE Energy's service territory.

Apply by June 17.

Federal Pass-Through Funds

By federal statute, a portion of timber and mineral revenue generated from the national forests in Michigan is disbursed to the counties in which the forests are located. An application process is not necessary because the revenues are flow through and are disbursed in accordance with federal and state statutes

Michigan Volunteer Fire Assistance

Provides funding to assist fire departments in acquiring fire-fighting equipment for local communities. Fire departments in rural communities with populations of 10,000 or less are eligible to apply.

Northern White Cedar Regeneration Trials

The goal of the Northern White Cedar Regeneration Project is to quantitatively evaluate previous white cedar regeneration patterns and provide recommendations for additional research and management to the state of Michigan.