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Education & Safety

A couple of students sitting outside and writing in a notebook

Education & Safety

Our outdoor skills, education, and recreational safety programs provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to develop their outdoor skills and knowledge of Michigan's natural resources, and to promote safe, responsible and ethical use of the outdoors.

We also offer educators a wide range of opportunities to bring natural resources experience and knowledge to the classroom.

Recreation safety certification and hunter education

Many activities such as hunting, boating, snowmobiling and ORV riding require certification through a safety education course for some, or all, participants.

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Educational resources for home

We have pulled together some fun and educational activities aimed at history and the outdoors. Resources include videos from our state park interpreters, outdoor scavenger hunts, reading materials, free apps, websites, virtual tours and more.

Nature at home
An owl sits on a signpost reading Virtual pointing to a sign reading Nature at School

Live virtual lessons for school

Our education staff is excited to bring science to you virtually from some of Michigan's most amazing places. These 30-minute virtual lessons cover a multitude of science themes connected to NGSS and STEM. A great addition to your classroom, at no cost to you!

Nature at school

For teachers/educators

Academy of Natural Resources at the RAM Center
Children releasing salmon in the water with a school bus in background
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Learn About Michigan's Species

Learn about Michigan's diverse range of fish, plants, trees, reptiles, amphibians, insects and mammals.