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Project boundaries 

What are project boundaries?

Project boundaries are geographic lines that help define the state’s public lands acquisition and disposal strategy (land strategy). These boundaries contain a majority of state ownership, as well as privately owned lands that, should they ever become available for sale, would be a priority for the DNR to pursue acquiring.

The project boundaries are around state forests, game and wildlife areas, and parks and recreation areas. We also manage lands located outside of these project boundaries such as boating access sites, trails and DNR facilities such as fish hatcheries.

Project boundary map

This interactive map shows the current DNR project boundaries. If you need assistance accessing the contents of the map, or would like the information in an alternative format, please contact

Quick Tips

  • Zoom in to the area that you are interested in by scrolling the mouse wheel, holding down the shift key and drawing a box, or use the +/- icons in the upper left corner of the map.
  • Pan the map by clicking the mouse and dragging the map to the area that you want to view.
  • Layer list/legend - toggle the different road layers on and off by checking or unchecking the box by the layer name.
View current DNR project boundaries