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State parks system

A number of reasons to love our award-winning state parks:

  • 103 state parks and recreation areas (with new parks in Saginaw and Flint underway).
  • 140 state forest campgrounds.
  • 357,000 acres of state park land (with 257,155 acres of that land open to hunting).
  • 13,496 state park campsites.
  • 30 million visitors a year (average based on 2022 data).
  • Endless fun and recreation possibilities at our day-use facilities.
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Funding Michigan's state parks

Approximately 97% of state parks funding for operations and maintenance is generated by user fees and royalty revenues. This includes:

  • Camping and lodging reservation fees (54%).
  • Recreation Passport sales (25%).
  • State-owned, oil, gas and mineral royalty revenues – which feed the Michigan State Parks Endowment Fund (12%).
  • Concessions, shelter reservations and miscellaneous sources (6%).

Michigan's General Fund tax dollars provide the remaining 3% of state parks funding.

Learn more about how the DNR is funded.

State park funding model percentages

Park management planning

A park's general management plan defines a long-range (10- to 20-year) planning and management strategy to protect and preserve the site's natural and cultural resources and provide access to land- and water-based public recreation and educational opportunities.

Developing a park general management plan requires logic, teamwork, public involvement and integrity. The plan should ultimately reflect a logical sequence of events and help guide decision making in a carefully considered way. The key to this process is active involvement of DNR staff, other state agencies, stakeholders (such as other recreation providers and user groups) and the public. Public input is an integral part of the development these plans.

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Michigan State Parks Advisory Committee

The Michigan State Parks Advisory Committee is a citizens’ advisory committee to the NRC and the DNR. This diverse panel of individuals ensures that the public has a voice in the operations, planning and development of Michigan's premier state park system.

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Green initiatives

The Green Initiatives Team promotes environmental sustainability in our state parks, recreation areas, harbors and facilities. More specifically, they establish cooperative partnerships to implement the goals of our environmental sustainability plan; obtain program funding support through internal and external resources and identify, test and refine innovative products and management practices that align with the sustainability plan.

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