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Land Exchange

A primary goal of our land strategy is to improve management and enhance the public's enjoyment of state recreation land by acquiring the private parcels that lie within our project boundaries. To achieve this, we will consider at any time proposals that offer land within the project boundaries in exchange for Class 3 land (unrestricted land) approved for disposal.

We are authorized to conduct real estate exchanges, as detailed by Public Act 238 of 2018, provided that the lands offered have approximately equal or greater value, based on appraisal, than the market value of the state lands released.

Propose an exchange or purchase of state-owned land

To propose a purchase of state-owned land that is not already identified as surplus land, an application process must be completed as required by Public Act 238 of 2018. We will consider selling such lands if the transaction enhances the management of natural resources or provides other public benefit. Each application will be evaluated on its own merits.