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For the most part, the links in the right column below are marketing URLs, specially created to be easy to remember. To keep the column narrow for cell phone browsing, we've left the first part of the URL off. Whenever you see a link that begins with a forward slash "/", the full URL would include, so /Deer would be

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Subject URL (link)
Academy of Natural Resources: /ANR
Accessibility: /DNRAccessibility
Adopt-A-Forest: /AdoptAForest
Agate Falls Scenic Site: /AgateFalls
Albert A. Sleeper State Park: /Sleeper
Algonac State Park: /Algonac
Aloha State Park: /Aloha
Aquatic Invasive Plant Control Grant Program: /AIPControlGrant
Aquatic Trade Show Notification: /AquaticTSN
Archery: /Archery
Archives of Michigan: /ArchivesofMI
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Subject URL (link)
Bald Mountain Recreation Area: /BaldMountain
Baraga State Park: /Baraga
Bass River Recreation Area: /BassRiver
Bats: /Bats
Bay City State Park: /BayCity
Beach Safety: /Beach Safety
Bear: /Bear
Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW): /BOW
Belle Isle Park: /BelleIsle
Bewabic State Park: /Bewabic
Blueberry Ridge Pathway: /BlueberryRidge
Boating: /Boating
Boating Information System (MRBIS): /MRBIS
Bond Falls Scenic Site: /BondFalls
Bovine Tuberculosis: Bovine Tuberculosis
Brighton Recreation Area: /Brighton
Brimley State Park: /Brimley
Buffalo Reef: /BuffaloReef
Burn Permits: /BurnPermit
Burt Lake State Park: /BurtLake
Business Calendar (monthly report of business decisions) DNR Business Calendar
Buy a Fishing License: /DNRLicenses
Buy a Hunting License: /DNRLicenses
Buy an ORV License: /DNRLicenses
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Subject URL (link)
Cabins: /DNRLodging
Calendar (State Parks and Michigan History Center events): /DNRCalendar
Cambridge Junction Historic State Park: /CambridgeJunction
Cambridge Junction Historic State Park (state museum): /CambridgeJunctionHSP
Camper Storage: /CamperStorage
Campgrounds-State Forest: /StateForestCampgrounds
Camping-General Information: /Camping
Career Pathways /DNRCareerPathways
Cedar River Harbor: /CedarRiverHarbor
Charles Mears State Park: /Mears
Cheboygan State Park: /Cheboygan
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD): /CWD
Civilian Conservation Corps Museum, Higgins Lake Nursery: /HigginsLakeCCC
Clear Lake State Park: /ClearLake
Closures /DNRClosures
Coldwater Lake State Park: /ColdwaterLake
Commercial Forest Program: /CommercialForest
Commercial Timber: /Timber
Conservation Officers: /ConservationOfficers
Contract Connect - Doing Business with Michigan: /MiContractConnect
Contact DNR: /ContactDNR
Copper Harbor: /CopperHarbor
Cougars: /Cougars
Craig Lake State Park: /CraigLake
Customer Service Centers (Field Offices) DNR Customer Service Centers
Customer Services Guide DNR Customer Service Guide
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Subject URL (link)
Dams: /DNRDams
Deer: /Deer
DeTour Harbor: /DeTourHarbor
Digests & Guides (rules & regs.) for Fishing & Hunting: /DNRDigests
DNR Digital Resources:
DNR Lab: /HuntTestResults, /DNRLab
DNR Lodging (cabins, lodges, tepees, yurts, mini-cabins and pop-up campers): /DNRLodging
DNR Stories: /DNRStories
Dodge #4 State Park: /Dodge4
Donations Donate to a worthy DNR cause
Duck Lake State Park: /DuckLake
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Subject URL (link)
Eagle Harbor: /EagleHarbor
East Tawas Harbor: /EastTawasHarbor
Eddy Discovery Center: /EddyCenter
Education - For Families, Individuals, Educators, Students: /DNREducation
Elk: /Elk
Email from the DNR: Sign up here DNR News signup form
Equestrian Trails: /Equestrian
Excess Fire Equipment: /ExcessFireEquipment
Explore Bow Hunting: /ExploreBowHunting
Eyes in the Field /EyesInTheField
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Subject URL (link)
F.J. McLain State Park: /McLain
Facebook: (multiple)
Fallen Officers: /DNRFallenOfficers
Father Marquette National Memorial: /MarquetteMemorial
Fayette Harbor: /FayetteHarbor
Fayette Historic State Park: /Fayette
Fayette Historic Townsite: /FayetteTownsite
Feral Swine: /FeralSwine
Fire Management: /FireManagement
Fireworks-Free: /FireworksFreeFourth
Fish Business: /FishBusiness
Fish Habitat: /FishHabitat
Fish Health: /FishHealth
Fish ID: /FishID
Fish Research: /FishResearch
Fisherman's Island State Park: /FishermansIsland
Fishing: /Fishing
Fishing - Learn to Fish: /HowToFish
Fishing License: /DNRLicenses
Fishing Report, Weekly: /FishingReport
Fishing Tournaments: /FishingTournaments
Forest Certification: /ForestCertification
Forest Health: /ForestHealth
Forest Offices: Contacts DNR Forestry contact info
Forest Products: /ForestProducts
Forest Industry Directory: /Wood
Forest Stewardship: /ForestStewardship
Forestry: /Forestry
Fort Custer Recreation Area: /FortCuster
Fort Wilkins and Copper Harbor Lighthouse: /FtWilkins
Fort Wilkins Historic State Park: /HistoricFortWilkins
Free Fishing: Free Fishing Weekend
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA): DNR FOIA Info
Freedom Trail: /FreedomTrail
Friends of Michigan History: /FriendsOfMichiganHistory
Fuelwood/Firewood: /Fuelwood
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Subject URL (link)
Gillette Visitor Center: /GilletteVC
Grand Haven State Park: /GrandHaven
Grand Mere State Park: /Grandmere
Grants: /DNRGrants
Great Lakes Consent Decree: /GreatLakesConsentDecree
Green Initiatives: /DNRGreenInitiatives
Grouse Enhanced Management Sites (GEMS): /GEMS
Guides & Digests for Fishing & Hunting: /DNRDigests
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Subject URL (link)
Hammond Bay Harbor: /HammondBayHarbor
Harbors: /Harbors
Harrisville State Park: /Harrisville
Hart-Montague Trail State Park: /HartMontague
Hartwick Pines Logging Museum: /LoggingMuseum
Hartwick Pines State Park: /HartwickPines
Hartwick Pines Visitor Center: /HartwickPinesVC
Harvest and Haunts: /HarvestsAndHaunts
Hatcheries: /Hatcheries
Hayes State Park (W.J. Hayes): /Hayes
Heritage Trails: /HeritageTrails
Higgins Lake Nursery and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Museum: /HigginsLakeCCC
Highland Recreation Area: /Highland
Historical Marker Program: /Markers
Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park: /Millcreek
Hoeft State Park (P.H. Hoeft): /Hoeft
Hoffmaster State Park (P.J. Hoffmaster): /Hoffmaster
Holland State Park: /Holland
Holly Recreation Area: /Holly
Hook, Line and Sinker: /HookLineAndSinker
Hunt Transfer Program: /HuntTransfers
Hunter Education: /HunterEducation
Hunting Access Program: /Hap
Hunting and Fishing Center (Carl T. Johnson): /HuntFishCenter
Hunting and Trapping: /Hunting
Hunting Test Results: /HuntTestResults
I: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
Indian Lake State Park: /IndianLake
Inland Consent Decree: /InlandConsentDecree
Instagram, DNR DNR Instagram
Interlochen State Park: /Interlochen
Invasive Carp: /InvasiveCarp
Invasive Species: /InvasiveSpecies
Ionia State Recreation Area: /Ionia
Iron Belle Trail: /IronBelle
Iron Belle Trail Viewer: /IronBelleTrailViewer
Iron Industry Museum: /IronIndustryMuseum
Iron Industry Museum Advisory Board: /MIIMAB
Island Lake Recreation Area: /IslandLake
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Subject URL (link)
J. W. Wells State Park: /Wells
Jobs: /DNRJobs
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Subject URL (link)
Kal-Haven Trail: /KalHaven
Kal-Haven Heritage Trail: /HeritageTrails-KalHaven
Key Topics: /DNRKeyTopics
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Subject URL (link)
Lab: /HuntTestResults
Lac Labelle Harbor: /LacLabelleHarbor
Lake Gogebic State Park: /LakeGogebic
Lake Hudson Recreation Area: /LakeHudson
Lake Sturgeon: /Sturgeon
Lakelands Trail State Park: /Lakelands
Lakeport State Park: /Lakeport
Land for Sale: /LandForSale
Land Strategy (DNR-managed public lands): /DNRLandStrategy
Land Use: /DNRLandUse
Landowner Incentive Program: /DNRLIP
Landowner's Guide: /LandownersGuide
Laughing Whitefish Falls State Park /LaughingWhitefishFalls
Learning Corner: /DNRLearning
Leelanau State Park: /Leelanau
Lexington Harbor: /LexingtonHarbor
License: Fishing, Hunting, ORV
Lime Island State Recreation Area: /LimeIsland
Little Lake Harbor: /LittleLakeHarbor
Little Presque Isle Cabins: /LittlePresqueIsle
Lodging (cabins, lodges, tepees, yurts, mini-cabins and pop-up campers): /DNRLodging
Ludington Education Programs: /LudingtonEducation
Ludington State Park: /Ludington
M: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
Mackinac Island Harbor: /MackinacIslandHarbor
Mann House: /MannHouse
Maps: /DNRMaps
Master Angler: /MasterAngler
Maybury State Park: /Maybury
McLain State Park (F.J. McLain): /McLain
Mears State Park (Charles Mears): /Mears
Menominee River State Recreation Area: /MenomineeRiver
Mentored Youth Hunting Program: /MentoredHunting
Meridian-Baseline State Park: /Meridian-Baseline
Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area: /MetamoraHadley
Mi-HUNT: /MiHunt
Mi-Morels: /MiMorels
Michigan Heritage Leadership Council: /MHLC
Michigan History Center: /MHC
Michigan History Center Calendar: /MHCCalendar
Michigan History Center Friends: /MHCFriends
Michigan History Center Members: /MHCMembers
Michigan History Center Museums: /MHCMuseums
Michigan Historical Commission: /MHCommission
Michigan History Foundation:
Michigan History Museum: /Museum
Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund (MNRTF): /MNRTF
Michigan State Parks Advisory Committee: /MSPAC
Michigan State Waterways Commission: /MSWC
Michigan Trails Advisory Council: /MTAC
Michigan Wildlife Council:
Michigan Wildlife Viewing: /MiWildlifeViewing
Michilimackinac State Park: /Michilimackinac
Mill Creek, Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park: /MillCreek
Milliken Harbor: /MillikenHarbor
Milliken State Park: /Milliken
Minerals: /Minerals
Mini-cabins: /DNRLodging
Mitchell State Park (William Mitchell): /Mitchell
Moose: /Moose
Muskallonge Lake State Park: /Muskallonge
Muskegon State Park: /Muskegon
Muskie: /Muskie
Mute Swans: /MuteSwans
N: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
Natural Resources Commission (NRC): /NRC
Nature Programs: /NaturePrograms
Negwegon State Park: /Negwegon
Newaygo State Park: /Newaygo
North Higgins Lake State Park: /NorthHiggins
O: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
Observation Reporting /EyesInTheField
Ocqueoc Falls: /OcqueocFalls
Oden Visitor Center: /OdenVC
Off-Road Vehicle/All Terrain Vehicle (ORV/ATV) Information: /ORVInfo
Off-Road Vehicle/All Terrain Vehicle (ORV/ATV) License: /DNRLicenses
Off-Road Vehicle/All Terrain Vehicle (ORV/ATV) Trails: /ORVTrails
Onaway State Park: /Onaway
Orchard Beach State Park: /OrchardBeach
Ortonville Recreation Area: /Ortonville
Otsego Lake State Park: /OtsegoLake
Outdoor Adventure Center: /OAC
P: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
P.J. Hoffmaster State Park: /Hoffmaster
Palms Book State Park: /PalmsBook
Parcel Sale: /DNRParcels
Park Management Plans: /ParkManagementPlans
Park Pets: /ParkPets
Parks Giving Guide: /DNRParksGivingGuide
Parks Recreation Strategic Plans: /PRDStrategicPlans
Payment in Lieu of Taxes: /DNRPilt
Permission to Use State Lands: /DNRLandUse
Petoskey State Park: /Petoskey
P.H. Hoeft State Park: /Hoeft
Pheasant: /Pheasant
Pinckney Recreation Area: /Pinckney
Pontiac Lake Recreation Area: /PontiacLake
Pop-up campers: /DNRLodging
Porcupine Mountains Visitor Center: /PorkiesVC
Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park: /Porkies
Port Austin State Harbor: /PortAustinHarbor
Port Crescent State Park: /PortCrescent
Presque Isle Harbor: /PresqueIsleHarbor
Press Releases: DNR Press Releases DNR Press Room
Press Room: /DNRPressRoom
Private Forest Land: /PrivateForestLand
Project Learning Tree: Project Learning Tree
Project Wild: /MichiganProjectWild
Proud Lake Recreation Area: /ProudLake
Public Meetings (Boards, Commissions, Committees and Councils): /DNRMeetings
Pure Michigan Hunt: /PureMichiganHunt
R: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
Ralph A. MacMullan (RAM) Conference Center: /RAMCenter
Recreation eComments: /RecreationFeedback
Recreation Passport: /RecreationPassport
Recreational Safety: /RecreationalSafety
Report All Poaching (RAP): /RAP
Reservations-Boating, camping: Boating / Camping reservations
Rifle River Recreation Area: /RifleRiver
Rockport State Recreation Area: /Rockport
S: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
Saginaw Bay Visitor Center: /SaginawBayVC
Sanilac Petroglyphs: /SanilacPetroglyphs
Saugatuck Dunes State Park: /SaugatuckDunes
Scientific Collectors Permit: /ScientificCollectorsPermit
Scouting: /DNRScouting
Seven Lakes State Park: /SevenLakes
Shipwrecks: /ExploreShipwrecks
Shooting Ranges: /ShootingRanges
Showcasing (DNR Stories): /DNRStories
Sign up for email from the DNR: DNR Newsletters
Silver Lakes State Park: /SilverLake
Sleeper State Park (Albert A. Sleeper): /Sleeper
Sleepy Hollow State Park: /SleepyHollow
Snowmobiling: /Snowmobiling
Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube): /DNRSocial
South Higgins Lake State Park: /SouthHiggins
State Forest Campgrounds: /StateForestCampgrounds
State Historical Records Advisory Board: /SHRAB
State Land Permission: /DNRLandUse
State Parks: /StateParks
Sterling State Park: /Sterling
Straits State Park: /Straits
Sturgeon Point State Park: Sturgeon Point State Park
T: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
Tagged Fish: /TaggedFish
Tahquamenon Falls Education Programs: /TFallsEducation
Tahquamenon Falls State Park: /TahquamenonFalls
Tawas Point Lighthouse: /TawasLighthouse
Tawas Point State Park: /TawasPoint
Tepees: /DNRLodging
Thompsons Harbor State Park: /ThompsonsHarbor
Timber, Commercial: /Timber
Timber Sale Online Bidding: /TimberBidding
Timber Sale Preparation: /TimberSalePrep
Tippy Dam: /TippyDam
Trails: /DNRTrails
Trapping and Fur Harvesting: /Trapping
Traverse City State Park: /TraverseCity
Tribal Coordination: /TribalCoordination
Trout Trails: /TroutTrails
Turkey: /Turkey
Twin Lakes State Park: /Twinlakes
Twitter, DNR: DNR Twitter Feed
U: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
Underwater Salvage and Preserve Committee: /USPC
Upper Peninsula Citizens Advisory Council: /UPCAC
Urban and Community Forestry: /UCF
Urban Council: /UrbanCouncil
V: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
Van Buren State Park: /VanBuren
Van Buren Trail State Park : Van Buren Trail State Park
Van Riper State Park: /VanRiper
Viral Hemorrhagic Septicemia (VHS): /VHS
Visitor Centers: /DNRVisitorCenters
Volunteers: /DNRVolunteers
Volunteers at the Michigan History Center: /MHCVolunteers
W: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
W.J. Hayes State Park: /Hayes
Walker Tavern: /CambridgeJunctionHSP
Warren Dunes State Park: /WarrenDunes
Warren Woods State Park: /WarrenWoods
Water parks: /DNRwaterparks
Waterfowl: /Waterfowl
Waterloo: /Waterloo
Waterways Commission: /MSWC
Watkins Lake State Park and County Preserve: /WatkinsLake
Weekly Fishing Report: /FishingReport
Wells State Park: /Wells
Wetland Wonders: /WetlandWonders
Wetzel Recreation Area (W.C. Wetzel): /Wetzel
White Nose Syndrome (WNS): /WNS
White Pine Trail State Park (Fred Meijer): /WhitePine
Whitefish Point: /WhitefishPointHarbor
Wilderness State Park: /Wilderness
Wildlife Action Plan: /WildlifeActionPlan
Wildlife and Habitat: /Wildlife
Wildlife Disease: /WildlifeDisease
Wildlife Disease Lab: WDL
Wildlife Disease Manual: /WDM 
Wildlife Offices: Contacts DNR Wildlife Contact Info
Wildlife Permits: /WildlifePermits
Wildlife Viewing: /MiWildlifeViewing
William Mitchell State Park: /Mitchell
Wilson State Park: /Wilson
Wolf Lake Visitor Center: /WolfLakeVC
Wolves: /Wolves
Working for the DNR: /DNRJobs
Y: Back to Top
Subject URL (link)
Yankee Springs Recreation Area: /YankeeSprings
YouTube, DNR: DNR YouTube channel
Young State Park: /Young
Yurts: /DNRLodging