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Burn permits: Check open burning status

Closeup image of flickering yellow flames

Burn permits: Check open burning status

Closeup of gloved hands lighting a campfire

Is burning allowed today?

View a map of Michigan counties with burn permit information: If “yes” appears in the “Burning Permits Issued” column on your county, you are authorized to burn today. This serves as your burn permit - you don't need to print anything.

Burn permits are available from the DNR for counties in the Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula only. In the southern Lower Peninsula, permits may be obtained from the local fire department or local governing body. For more information, call 866-922-BURN (866-922-2876).

Can I burn today?

Check local ordinances

Check with your local city, township or village officials before lighting your fire. If no local ordinances are in effect, state law: 

  • Allows burning grass and leaves in municipalities with populations less than 7,500 unless prohibited by local ordinance.
  • Prohibits burning any yard debris within 1,400 feet of an incorporated city or village limit under EGLE air quality rules.

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