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Public Easements on State Land

Easements are granted to authorize a specific long-term use of public land. Such uses include rights-of-way for state highways, county roads, electric utility lines, telephone lines, railroads, oil and gas pipelines, telecommunication sites and similar uses.

Easements for the use of public land that provide for necessary and beneficial public services will be granted when conditions and requirements can be established which will effectively mitigate the impact on the natural environment, and when such uses are not in conflict with the primary use or purpose for which the lands were acquired or are being used.

Easements for utilities and public roads can be applied for by completing the form below. Applications must be submitted by the agency acquiring the public easement. Applications from private individuals will not be accepted.

Easement applications for utility or public road

Easement for the use of state lands - Procedure

Private Easements on State Land

There is a lot of work that goes into the review of a private road easement request. Before granting an easement, we need to consider a variety of competing interests, ensure we are working within the existing legal framework, and weigh the potential effects on the public lands we are charged with protecting and managing for everyone's enjoyment. For all of these reasons, we recommend that you first explore all other possible access routes before submitting your application.

If you would like to apply for a private road access easement, please read the documents below and submit your application. By law, the director of the DNR has the final authority to approve or deny a request for a private-access easement on state-owned land. If you have questions, please call 517-881-2264.

Private road easement application

Private road easement letter and application

Request for a private-access easement on state-owned land.