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Shooting and archery

Rose Lake Shooting Range - handgun shooters using range

Shooting and archery

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Your purchase of firearms, ammunition, archery equipment or hunting licenses helps fund wildlife management and research, habitat improvement, hunter education and shooting ranges in Michigan.

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Target shooting and archery

Maybe you’re an experienced firearm user or archer looking for a safe, comfortable place to shoot. Or maybe you’d like to explore why target shooting and archery are fun pastimes millions of Americans enjoy. There’s a shooting range that can help. Whether you’re looking to sight in your firearm for hunting season, practice with a bow or handgun, or try your hand at shooting clay targets, DNR ranges and others around the state welcome visitors of all ages, abilities and experience levels. 

Staffed DNR ranges

Staffed by customer-friendly and highly trained employees, our eight staffed shooting ranges in southern Michigan offer a fun, safe shooting environment. These ranges feature amenities like handgun, rifle, shotgun and archery ranges, and restroom facilities.

Unstaffed DNR ranges

Algonac shooting range

Located in Algonac State Park

Supply Road shooting range

Located in Traverse City

Voyer Lake shooting range

Located in Atlanta, Michigan

Lost Nation shooting range

Located in the Lost Nation State Game Area

Echo Point shooting range

Located in Allegan, Michigan
Screenshot of shooting ranges map

Map of ranges

Find numerous shooting and archery ranges throughout the state. Filter by range management (DNR or private), fees and services provided. You also can view a list of shooting ranges by county.

Please contact Lori Burford at or 989-600-9114 with questions or to request updates to the information.


Map of Michigan shooting ranges

Additional resources

Resources for new shooters and archers

Are you new to shooting and looking for information on how to get started? Maybe you want to find a class or rent equipment. Take a look at the resources in this section to get started. You can also talk to staff at any of our staffed ranges.

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Resources for range operators

Find information on best practices for managing and operating a shooting range.