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A Kirtlands Warbler sits in a tree

Managing Michigan's Wildlife

Thoughtful wildlife and habitat management supports Michigan's multi-billion-dollar natural resources economy – including hunting, fishing, camping, trail use and other outdoor recreation. Through collaborative, scientific management of wildlife resources, our goal is to enhance, restore and conserve Michigan's wildlife resources, natural communities, and ecosystems for the benefit of our citizens, visitors, and future generations.

Keep Wildlife Wild

deer fawn in the grass

It is common in the spring and summer to find baby animals that appear to be left alone in the wild.

How to keep wildlife wild

Nuisance wildlife issues?

Many wildlife are well adapted to living near people and as they become accustomed to humans they may cause conflicts. Options for handling issues will vary by species.

Nuisance wildlife information

Wildlife action plan

Michigan’s wildlife action plan is a partner-developed strategic framework to cooperatively conserve wildlife and their habitats. The plan focuses on habitat management and other key issues affecting wildlife. The WAP also includes lists of threatened and endangered species, and gives a detailed overview of Michigan's diverse land and water habitats.

More information about the wildlife action plan

Michigan Natural Features Inventory

MNFI’s mission is to guide the conservation of Michigan’s biodiversity by providing the highest quality scientific expertise and information. We work closely with MNFI staff to ensure that scientifically sound information is available to our wildlife and fisheries biologists, foresters and others who manage and protect Michigan’s natural resources.

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Threatened and Endangered Species

Threatened and Endangered Species