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Rules, laws and enforcement

Two COs patrolling the water on a boat

Rules, laws and enforcement

Laws, rules and regulations surrounding the management of our natural resources, and the conservation officers who enforce them, are are crucial to our success.

In the early days, these officers were charged mainly with enforcing fish and game regulations. Their duties have expanded substantially and now include protection of all natural resources and the environment, as well as the health and safety of the public.

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Rules and Regulations

Hunting and Trapping Digest

Digests and Guides

The fishing guide and hunting digests offer condensed collections of rules and regulations for your convenience. The Wildlife Conservation Order and Fisheries Orders contain full listings of regulations and legal descriptions, including the boundaries of management units for each species during their regular hunting or fishing seasons.

Hunting Digest

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County Specific Rules

Know before you go:

Some counties have special rules for hunting and boating, such as where rifles may be used or where motorboats, high-speed boating and water skiing are allowed.

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