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Wildlife Classroom Curricula


Go Wild for Michigan's Wildlife (K-5th grades)

Wildlife is everywhere! Young learners will learn about wildlife and the places they call home with these lessons. The Critter Cards feature common Michigan species and fun facts about each.

A Year in the Life of a Michigan Black Bear (6th - 8th grades)

Middle schoolers can experience what it is like to be a black bear and a bear biologist!

Elk University (9th - 12th grades)

The elk success story in Michigan is truly special and unique. High School students can try their hand at being a wildlife biologist conducting an aerial survey and explore different viewpoints on elk.

Turkey Time

It's Turkey Time! Wild turkeys can now be found in parts of every county in Michigan's Lower Peninsula, plus areas of the Upper Peninsula. Learn more about the wild turkeys with these activities.

Deer Camp (K-5th grades)

Celebrate Michigan's white-tailed deer and deer hunting by sharing some fun deer facts with your elementary students and playing a deer-themed game to learn how deer communicate with one another.

Michigan's Wondrous Wetlands and Waterfowl Curriculum (6th, 7th and 8th grades)

May is American Wetlands Month - prepare your middle school students for this great celebration by teaching them all about Michigan's wetlands and waterfowl this spring!

Questions? Contact DNR Wildlife Division at DNR-Wildlife@michigan.govor 517-284-9453.