New Users - Getting Started

  • All organizations will need to be registered in the system. If your organization has previously been registered in MiRecGrants, please have the authorized official add new users to the organization.

    • The initial registration must be completed by an authorized official (AO) of your organization. Once the AO completes registration, email notification of access approval will be sent.
    • Only one AO is permitted per organization.
    • Once approved, the AO can login to MiRecGrants and create new accounts for other staff members as appropriate.
    • Please check organization eligibility for each grant program using the links above.
    • Passwords are active for up to 365 days and must contain at least three of the following: one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one number, one symbol (!@#$%^&')
    • Do not share login credientials with others.

    Help Desk

    If you have questions or are in need of assistance, please contact DNR Grants Management at 517-284-7268 or by emailing the appropriate grant coordinator or program manager.


  • Registration

  • General Navigation

  • 5-year Recreation Plan Submission

    Navigation and submission of a 5-year recreation plan to the DNR for review and approval.

  • Project Agreement Submission

    Submission of a signed project agreement and required documents to the DNR.

  • PSB Submission

    Submission of plans, specifications, and bid documents (PSB) to the DNR in order to be approved to advertise for bids.

  • Contractor Selection

    Submission of the contractor/vendor selection and bid tab to the DNR in order to award a contract or purchase materials.

  • Reimbursement Request

    Submission of a reimbursement request to the DNR in order to receive a partial or final reimbursement or final payment.

  • Managing Members

    How the Authorized Official manages organization information, and adds or removes members to an organization and grant documents.