Community Forestry Grants

  • Program Objective:

    To provide funds for projects that address the urban forestry needs of municipal governments, schools, nonprofit organizations and volunteer groups throughout Michigan. These projects may include: tree inventories, management plans, tree planting, educational workshops, training materials, and Arbor Day activities.


    Projects that develop or enhance urban and community forestry resources in Michigan. Typical project categories are: management and planning, education and training, tree planting, and Arbor Day. All tree planting projects must occur on public land or land open to the public. Categories may change from year to year. 


    Local units of government, schools, tribes and nonprofit organizations.

    Application Process:

    Applications are announced each summer, submitted to the Forest Resources Division and then reviewed by division staff. Applications are approved, adjusted or denied. Applicants are notified and agreements signed.


    Fiscal year 2021 applications are due Sept. 30, 2020.


    Project duration: Approximately one year (October through September). Fiscal year 2021 projects must be completed by Sept. 30, 2021. 

    Dollar Amount Available:

    Grant requests may be up to $20,000, as determined by project category.

    Source of Funds:

    U.S. Department of Agriculture -Forest Service, state and private forestry.


    Annual appropriation by the Michigan Legislature.


    DNR Urban Forestry Coordinator, Forest Resources Division: Kevin Sayers, 517-284-5898,

    Fiscal Year 2020 Appropriation:

    Approximately $100,000 for grants.