• A map of Michigan's state forest lands located in the UP and northern LP

    Developing the next state forest plan

    Michigan has 19.3 million acres of public and private forestland, and 4 million of those acres are state forests managed by the DNR for public use and enjoyment, wildlife habitat, forest health and forest products.

    State management plans guiding forest management activities are developed and published for 10-year periods as required by the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act. The DNR is also required to maintain third-party certification that forests are managed using sustainable practices. 

    The DNR has begun the process of developing a new plan targeted for 2023. As the plan is developed, a public engagement and information process will collect input from and inform those interested in management of Michigan's state forests.


    The latest 2013 plan included four parts (three regional plans, below, and a 2008 state plan) that will be combined into a single plan framework as we develop the next edition for 2023. It is being revised earlier than required due to the onset of forest health issues like the invasive emerald ash borer insect, the availability of new adaptive management strategies and development of more sophisticated modeling technologies.

    The state forest management plan is part of an overall strategy outlined in the 2020 Statewide Forest Action Plan, a federally-required document with strategies for managing all 19.3 million acres of Michigan's public and private forests. 

    Share your thoughts

    ​Comments or questions may be sent to ForestPlanComments@Michigan.gov.
    Check back for further opportunities to share your thoughts on the use and management of Michigan's state forests.

    View the results from our engagement survey supporting multiple state forest uses.