• Accessible Camping Options: Access to site elements meet the Americans with Disabilities Access Guidelines (ADAAG) for building and slope requirements and the Recommendations for Accessibility Guidelines - Outdoor Developed Areas (Oct. 18, 2000) for the number of sites offered. Access routes, connecting elements at Modern Campgrounds, Mini Cabins, and Camper Cabins are surfaced with concrete or blacktop material. Semi Modern, Rustic, and Rustic Cabins have access routes surfaced with firm gravel, limestone, or slag. Equestrian, Group and Organization Campgrounds have access routes surfaced with firm gravel, limestone, slag or natural soil.

  • Modern campgrounds provide a modern restroom/shower building, pressurized water spigots and a sanitation station. Each campsite has electrical service available.

  • Semi-Modern Campgrounds provide campsites with either electrical service or access to a modern restroom building. In areas that offer electrical service, vault toilets are provided. Drinking water is provided by hand pumps or pressurized spigots. Sanitation stations are not typically provided.

Camper Options

  • Camper Storage Program Campers have the option to reduce fuel costs by temporarily storing camping units (trailers, motor homes or boat on a trailer) in a designated area in participating Michigan state parks and recreation areas between visits. The program is free.
  • RV Rentals and Guiding Services RV rentals provide alternative lodging options for fellow travelers and guiding services offer the expertise and equipment to get you outdoors.