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Statewide Forest Action Plan

An autumn forest is filled with golden leaves and blue sky

Statewide Forest Action Plan

Michigan's Statewide Forest Action Plan

The future of Michigan's forests

Forests provide many of the things we consider essential: clean air and water, habitat for wildlife, places for recreation and wood products for houses, paper and furniture.

But Michigan’s forests face challenges. Insects and disease, wildfire, climate change and human use all need to be managed to help forests continue to thrive for generations to come.

The 2020 Forest Action Plan is a collaboratively developed, guiding document for forest management that includes an in-depth analysis of forest trends and conditions, and strategies to manage, preserve and protect these forests. The plan consists of two parts: an action plan that lays out collaborative forest management strategies for the next 10 years, and a landscape assessment that details forest status and trends.

Read the Michigan Statewide Forest Action Plan

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Forest data: the landscape assessment

The landscape assessment provides information for forest planning in Michigan. The assessment tells us what Michigan's forest lands include: types of trees, where they grow, how many there are, how old they are and how healthy they are. It also describes many other aspects of the forest.

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The following are  key components of the landscape assessment; click through each section to learn more about Michigan's forest landscape. These are presented as interactive story maps that will open in a new window.