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CO Alex VanWagner observed three deer hanging at a residence near Crystal Falls in Iron County, two 8-point bucks and a doe. One of the bucks did not have a kill-tag attached and the CO contacted subjects at the house regarding the deer. A female stated that her husband shot the buck that did not have a tag attached and her brother-in-law shot the other two deer which had tags attached. The husband was interviewed regarding the untagged deer and admitted to shooting it more than a week prior. He stated he forgot to tag it but also didn’t plan on tagging it as he was going to process it himself and didn’t think anyone would see it. CO Anna Viau responded to the residence to assist, and the COs observed that the tags on the other 8-point and doe were not validated. An interview was conducted with the brother-in-law who shot these deer, and he admitted both the deer were shot on the same day without a license. He said the buck was shot in the morning, the doe in the evening, and then the licenses were purchased after dark and attached to the deer. Enforcement action was taken regarding all three of the deer and a report will be submitted to the Iron County Prosecutor’s Office.

During a processor inspection, CO Alex VanWagner discovered an 8-point buck with a suspicious tag on it and went to a residence in Dickinson County to conduct interviews on it. The tag attached to the deer belonged to a female subject and she initially claimed to have shot the deer while road hunting with her husband. The husband claimed the same story, but further interviewing led to a confession by both subjects that the husband shot the deer from his deer blind without a license. The license was purchased the next day by the wife and placed on the deer. The CO continued interviewing the couple regarding prior deer seasons, and another confession was obtained that the wife bought a tag for a buck the husband shot in 2020 without a license as well. A report will be forwarded to the Dickinson County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO John Kamps and Detective Josh Boudreaux participated in Marquette County’s annual “Shop with a Cop” event. Multiple kids from the Marquette area were able to Christmas shop for their families with assistance from members of local and state law enforcement agencies.


CO Todd Sumbera received information that an individual from an ongoing complaint was deer hunting over an excessive amount of bait. CO Sumbera followed up to find a large over-limit of bait and the hunter was not wearing any hunter orange. A citation was issued for no hunter orange and a verbal warning was given for hunting over more than two gallons of bait.

CO Justin Vinson was patrolling northern Luce County when he discovered several unlawful traps set along a county roadway. All the traps failed to meet the requirements for utilizing traps between five and a half inches and seven and a half inches, with bait, directly on the ground. Several of the traps were also found without tags. The following morning, CO Vinson contacted the trappers while checking their sets. The group was new to trapping and CO Vinson educated them of the legal box dimensions when using body-gripping traps set on the ground and its importance as it prevents non-targeted wildlife and domestic animals from being caught. A citation was issued for using untagged traps and verbal warnings were given for using unlawful traps.

CO Cole VanOosten was reviewing the furbearer registration when he came across a suspicious registration of a fisher. CO VanOosten conducted an interview and determined that the fisher was harvested out of season the previous year and stored in the freezer until this year when it was registered. Upon follow up, it was discovered the man had an additional three untagged fisher that were in his freezer. Two of the fishers had been taken out of season. The animals were seized, and a report was generated and submitted to the Luce County Prosecutor’s Office for failure to immediately tag a fisher, taking a fisher out of season, and taking an over-limit of fisher.

CO Mike Olesen participated in WNMU-TV program “Ask the DNR.” CO Olesen, and a panel of other DNR guests, answered many questions that were called into the live TV program.

COs Steve Butzin and Mike Evink participated in a “Shop with a Cop” event in Manistique which was hosted by Manistique Public Safety. Several children were picked up from their residences in Manistique, taken out to breakfast at 3 Seasons Restaurant, then hit the stores where they were given $150 to spend on presents for themselves and their family. The children were then taken to the Cedar Street Cinema to watch a movie while officers wrapped the presents for the children. Finally, the children were dropped back off at their residences with loads of presents. Agencies that participated included Manistique Public Safety, Sault Ste Marie Tribal Police, Michigan State Police (MSP), Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Office, as well as the Michigan DNR.

CO Chris Lynch gave a presentation at a hunter safety field day. Approximately 15 students were in attendance. CO Lynch explained the job of a conservation officer and answered questions for students and parents in attendance.

CO Chris Lynch received a complaint that someone possibly hunted with a firearm in the safety zone of an occupied building. CO Lynch interviewed a witness and the suspect. The suspect admitted to shooting at a racoon, but other evidence suggests it was a turkey. CO Lynch informed the suspect he was within the safety zone of four buildings, the firearm was seized, and advised that a report would be submitted to the prosecutor for review.

CO Robert Freeborn responded to a complaint of a large carcass pile on commercial forest land. Upon locating the pile, CO Freeborn checked with local camps in the area to see if they were responsible. It was determined that one of the camps were responsible for half of the pile. While talking with the suspects, it was noticed they still had three buck heads hanging from the pole. When CO Freeborn checked the licenses still attached to the antlers, it was found that one of the deer was tagged by a wife of one of the camp owners. After interviewing all parties involved, it was determined that the husband did not want to use his last combination tag and asked his wife to buy a tag and drop it off. Citations were issued for using/loaning a tag to another.

COs Robert Freeborn and Michael Evink were on routine patrol when they observed a four-wheeler traveling against the flow of traffic on a US highway. Upon closer inspection, it was also determined that the operator was not wearing a helmet. As the off-road vehicle (ORV) exited the highway, it turned behind a large commercial building. The COs went around the opposite side of the building to cut the operator off before he entered the woods. As the COs stopped the ORV, they also observed an uncased rifle across the operator’s lap. After contact, the operator was issued a citation for no helmet and uncased firearm on an ORV.

COs Brandon Maki and Andrea Dani interviewed a hunter regarding his 6-point buck. The hunter admitted that he shot the deer prior to purchasing a license. He also admitted to shooting a grouse without a license.  The COs seized two firearms and the deer, donating the meat to a local needy family. A report is being submitted to the Alger County Prosecutor’s Office.


CO Tom Oberg was getting out of his patrol truck to pump fuel at a gas station when he heard a loud bang behind him on M 32. CO Oberg noticed a utility van had smashed into the back of a pickup truck that was trying to turn into the gas station. The van pushed the pickup truck off the roadway onto the other side of the highway approximately 50 yards. The van crashed into the ditch near the entrance to the gas station. CO Oberg immediately activated his emergency lights and notified Otsego County Central Dispatch. CO Oberg then checked the occupants of the van which luckily, no injuries were reported. CO Oberg went to the other side of the highway and contacted the occupants of the truck. Both occupants were complaining of neck and back injuries and the driver had a small laceration on his head. CO Oberg provided first-aid and requested an ambulance to the scene. The MSP responded to the crash as well and the driver of the vehicle that hit the truck was arrested for not having a driver’s license. The occupants of the truck were transported by emergency medical services (EMS) to Otsego Memorial Hospital for evaluation.

CO Matt Theunick responded to a trapping complaint near Mackinaw City. Upon investigation there were three violations. One trespass, two fail to check trap within 24 hours, and three no name on the trap. After contacting the trapper and receiving an explanation from the individual, enforcement action was taken.

CO Jack Gorno was on patrol in Cheboygan County when he contacted a pickup truck parked along a two-track. One subject was sitting in the passenger seat, waiting for the driver to come out of the woods. Upon discussing the hunting season and checking firearms in the back seat, CO Gorno could see the driver coming out of the woods with a bucket. He set the bucket down behind some trees and came back to the truck. CO Gorno talked the subject into walking back to check his blind and found a bait pile across from it. CO Gorno found the bucket half full of bait that the hunter set down. The subject admitted to baiting all season and was ticketed for baiting in closed area.

CO Jack Gorno received a complaint from central dispatch regarding a vehicle stuck in the Black Mountain area. CO Gorno responded along with a Cheboygan County deputy. CO Gorno worked with central dispatch to ping the caller’s phone in a limited-service area and located the subject after an hour of searching on foot. CO Gorno helped the subject warm up and assisted in directing the tow company back to the stuck vehicle. 

CO Sidney LaLonde was patrolling Montmorency County when she witnessed a traffic violation. CO LaLonde stopped the vehicle for speeding 20 miles per hour (mph) over the posted speed limit. Upon contact with the driver, it was found there were two uncased rifles in the vehicle. Also found was a loaded pistol, in a case. The driver of the vehicle did not have a concealed carry permit. The driver was ticketed for several violations including uncased and loaded firearms in a motor vehicle.

CO Sidney LaLonde was patrolling Montmorency County when she stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. Upon contacting the driver, it was determined there were two loaded rifles in the vehicle. The person stated one was his elderly father’s rifle which he leaves loaded for the season. The driver was issued a ticket for the loaded firearms in a vehicle.

COs Sidney LaLonde and Dan Liestenfeltz were patrolling Montmorency County on the last day of firearm deer season when they witnessed a motor vehicle violation. CO LaLonde initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. After talking with the driver of the vehicle, he admitted to hunting several spots during rifle season. When asked to see the hunter’s deer kill-tags, he passed over his grandmother’s kill-tags. The hunter admitted to using his grandmother’s deer tags since they were cheaper as a senior citizen. A report was submitted to the prosecutor for hunting without a license and borrowing the kill-tag of another.

CO Sidney LaLonde responded to an elk roadkill accident in Montmorency County. CO LaLonde was able salvage the elk and donated it to a local food bank.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling in Montmorency County when he observed a vehicle traveling down an icy dirt road at a high rate of speed. The vehicle then lost control on a patch of ice causing it to crash against the opposite shoulder of the roadway. CO Liestenfeltz quickly responded the crash. Upon contacting the driver, it was determined the driver had a suspended driver’s license as well as statewide warrants for their arrest. CO Liestenfeltz placed the subject into custody and lodged them at the jail. CO Liestenfeltz also issued the subject an appearance ticket for driving on a suspended license.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz received a complaint about a subject cutting down trees on state land in Montmorency County after dark. CO Liestenfeltz responded to the scene and contacted a subject who had just finished loading a trailer full of wood. The subject admitted to not having a fuel wood permit as well as selling the wood he would take. CO Liestenfeltz issued the subject a ticket for cutting wood without a permit and made it very clear no cutting activity can happen in the future as well as selling the wood.

COs Dan Liestenfeltz and Kyle Cherry attended “Shop with a Cop” and assisted with a Toys for Tots drive at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Gaylord. The COs were able to help many children pick out presents for themselves and family members as well as gather many toys for kids in need.

CO Jon Sheppard received a complaint in Alpena County of a woman taking an over-limit of antlered deer. CO Sheppard interviewed the suspect who admitted to shooting a 4-point deer legally earlier in the season and taking a 6-point deer and using her father’s tag. CO Sheppard seized the antlers on the illegal deer, and a report will be submitted to the Alpena County Prosecutor’s Office.


COs William Kinney and Josh Wright were patrolling for hunters in northern Wexford County. COs Kinney and Wright observed a truck on a forest road in the area where both COs had received complaints of a hunter illegally baiting. The COs followed the footprints in the snow into the woods and discovered the hunter sitting in a portable ground blind. The subject was hunting over bait and was not wearing hunter orange. Law enforcement action was taken.

CO Josiah Killingbeck received a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint of a shot being fired around midnight from a residence suspected of poaching deer. CO Killingbeck, along with CO Josh Wright, and Sergeant Meyers of the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, went to the residence and contact was made. The subject told CO Killingbeck that he had shot at a raccoon getting into his garbage. The COs located a bait pile at the edge of the yard with motion activated lights at the bait pile. Additional interviews were conducted, and CO Killingbeck discovered that the subject was a felon who was not supposed to possess firearms. CO Killingbeck seized fifteen firearms, including a stolen handgun. CO Killingbeck also discovered three deer that had been shot and processed without kill tags getting validated. A report is being sent to the Lake County prosecutor for felony gun charges, deer baiting, and tagging violations.

COs Brian Brosky and Kyle Publiski received a complaint of two subjects who had shot a 9-point with a drop tine over bait. It was also reported that a ground blind with no name and address was utilized, and litter was left at the location where the buck was killed, and field dressed. The COs responded and found the blind, bait, litter, and gut pile. The following morning, CO Brosky located the suspect’s camper and vehicle set up nearby. COs Brosky and Publiski contacted the subject who admitted to taking the buck utilizing bait, using the blind with no name or address, and leaving the litter behind. The subject was subsequently charged with all three violations and the 9-point was seized. The subject appeared in court just over a month later and plead guilty/responsible to all three charges and paid fines and costs totaling $7,300, which included mandatory reimbursement to the State Fish and Game fund in the amount of $6,500 for taking the 9-point deer unlawfully.

CO Kevin Bunce attended the Osceola County “Shop with a Hero” event held at the Big Rapids Meijer. Various first responders throughout the county shopped with local children to provide Christmas presents for their loved ones. In all, nearly two dozen individuals were able to provide gifts for their families this holiday season through the annual program.

CO Troy Mueller received a complaint of a hunter that harvested a 10-point buck with no license. CO Mueller was able to locate the hunter and conduct an interview. The suspect admitted to harvesting the deer and purchasing his license after the fact. CO Mueller was able to locate the antlers of the buck at a local taxidermist and seized them pending prosecution.

CO Tim Barboza heard dispatch report an unknown head-on accident involving two vehicles on M 37. CO Barboza, along with multiple other officers, responded to the scene. A truck had crossed over the centerline and hit a minivan with a mother and her kids in the van. CO Barboza assisted EMS and fire with the injured drivers. The female driver was transported to the hospital for treatment of her injuries and the other party is being investigated by the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Department for operating while intoxicated (OWI). 

CO Tim Barboza heard a call for a suicidal subject who wanted help. CO Barboza was close by and responded to the scene. CO Barboza began talking with the woman who agreed to go with EMS to the hospital for an evaluation. While talking with the female’s husband, CO Barboza noticed a strong odor of intoxicants. The male subject advised CO Barboza that that he has been self-medicating with lots of liquor and that he has made multiple attempts on his life as well. CO Barboza talked with the male for a little while and asked if he would be willing to get some help and talk with someone. The male agreed and the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office transported the male to Gerber Hospital for care.

CO Tim Barboza responded to a RAP complaint and conducted an interview with a hunter on a possible untagged deer and potential felon in possession of a firearm violation. The subject also had an open arrest warrant for domestic violence. CO Barboza was able to obtain confessions on the hunting violations but when he advised the hunter he was under arrest for the outstanding warrant, the suspect fled on foot. CO Barboza was able to catch the subject and take him into custody. The subject was lodged, and additional charges are being sought.

CO Ben Shively received information from a passing motorist of two subjects dressed in waders who had parked next to a closed trout stream and were headed downstream to fish in Oceana County. CO Shively responded to the area and located their vehicle and located the anglers upstream from their vehicle. The two anglers were observed actively fishing prior to CO Shively contacting them. CO Shively advised the novice anglers that the trout stream was closed to fishing. One subject stated, “Even if we’re not going to keep them?”  The anglers were escorted back to their vehicle where they were cited for fishing a closed trout stream.


CO Matthew Zultak conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for operating in a closed area in Roscommon County. Upon contact, CO Zultak noticed an uncased and loaded long gun. CO Zultak also located an unregistered concealed pistol and open intoxicants in the vehicle. The hunter was issued citations for having a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle and open intoxicants.

COs Matthew Zultak and Ben McAteer contacted a group of trappers setting bobcat traps. One of the men did not have any traps tagged with identifying information, nor did he have the means to do so. The trapper was issued a citation for possessing and using traps with no identification tags.

CO Matthew Zultak and Lieutenant Brandon Kieft contacted a group of hunters during the firearm deer season in Roscommon County. They were hunting over bait and not wearing the correct hunter orange garments. It was also determined that one of them was hunting deer without a license. Citations were issued for no hunter orange and hunting without a license.

CO Josh Russell received a complaint that a deer was shot over a bait pile under a light from a pole barn behind a residence in Clare County. CO Russell and Sgt. Jon Wood contacted a subject at the residence who showed them the pole barn. A hole was located in the side of the barn with a crossbow lying next to it.  The hole through the barn overlooked a bait pile that was easily lit up by the front light of the barn. The COs found dried blood and a broken crossbow bolt close to the bait pile. The subject did not know who had shot the deer over the bait but admitted to putting some of the bait out. CO Russell contacted the registered landowner regarding the bait and the blood. The landowner admitted to shooting a deer that morning on another section of the property but not over the bait. A citation was issued for the illegal bait, but the investigation continues for the violations of hunting after hours and use of artificial light to take game.

COs Ryan Weakman and Jeff Goss participated in the Stuff-a-Truck event at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Clare. The event was a great success with numerous outdoor-related toys and games being donated to the local Toys for Tots program to benefit area youth.

CO Kyle Bader received a call from the DNR dispatch center Station 20, asking him to get in touch with an agent with the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms regarding a search warrant they were serving in Ogemaw County. CO Bader contacted the agent, who was still on scene, and he was told that while serving their search warrant, they located at least two untagged deer. The agent sent photos and an address for follow up. CO Bader interviewed the resident later that afternoon. The man said he killed one deer, and his son killed the other. He stated that his son did not purchase any kill-tags this year. He mentioned that he did get a combination license this year and had intentions of using one tag on his deer and the other on his son’s, but he hadn’t gotten around to it. Both deer were seized, and the man was issued two citations for possession of untagged deer.


CO Mike Eovaldi responded to a complaint of a concerned hunter who found a backpack, several items of clothing, a quiver full of arrows, deer licenses, and other hunting equipment deep in state land in Tuscola County. Using the information gathered from the deer licenses, CO Eovaldi was able to call Huron County Dispatch and issue a welfare check on the individual while enroute to the scene. On scene, CO Eovaldi found the gear described by the complainant in addition to the individual’s wallet. With assistance from the MSP, CO Eovaldi was able to contact the individual who was alive and well. The individual got lost in the state land three weeks ago and could not find where he set down all his gear. CO Eovaldi met up with the individual to return his important items and dropped him a pin on where he could find the rest of his gear.

While on patrol in northern Isabella County, CO Mike Haas observed new ‘no trespassing’ signs posted on state forest property. The CO visited the neighboring private property to investigate who had illegally posted the property and contacted a hunter sleeping in his deer blind. CO Haas woke up the hunter and inquired about the signs, instructed the man to put on hunter orange since he was rifle hunting, and notified him that the two large piles of sugar beets in his shooting lanes were illegal. A citation was issued, and various warnings were given.


CO Carter Woodwyk received a RAP complaint of multiple deer carcasses being dumped in a state game area (SGA) parking lot in Allegan County in 2020. The CO consistently worked this location over the years and utilizing a trail camera, he was able to obtain photographs of a suspect dumping deer. One of the carcasses dumped had the head of a broken off 2-point buck attached to it. When the CO followed up with the suspect, it was discovered that the suspect had shot two 8-point bucks and had yet to purchase a Michigan deer hunting license. When the CO asked the suspect about not having a license, he stated that he did not have time to get one yet. The CO also received a confession from the suspect on dumping the carcasses in the SGA and harvesting the 2-point buck. Charges will be submitted to the prosecutor for taking antlered deer without a license, taking an over-limit of antlered deer, and littering.

CO James Nason was patrolling the southern part of Kalamazoo County when he received a phone call from Sgt. Chris Holmes in reference to a pickup truck that was currently stuck in Gourdneck SGA. Sgt. Holmes had received word that the man had called a tow truck for assistance and CO Nason responded within minutes. Upon arriving on scene, CO Nason found that the man had went off the designated road in the game area to a rutted-up spot where subjects will go to test their trucks capabilities in an off-road setting. This creates havoc to not only the vegetation and ecosystem, but also for the DNR Wildlife Division employees who are tasked with upkeeping these state-owned lands. While interviewing the suspect, the man admitted to purposefully leaving the designated path in attempt to take his truck through the deep, muddy area. While the man was getting his identification out of his truck for CO Nason, the CO witnessed the buttstock of a gun in the man’s back seat. When asked if he had any firearms in the vehicle, the man stated that he did have a shotgun in the truck. CO Nason instructed the man to open his back door and to step back. CO Nason retrieved the firearm and photographed it for evidentiary purposes. The man was issued multiple citations, including operating in an undesignated area, creating erosive conditions, and for having an uncased firearm in a motor vehicle.

CO Sam Schluckbier checked a hunter driving out of the Allegan SGA. When speaking with him, the hunter admitted to not discharging or casing his crossbow and placing it in the backseat. While searching the vehicle, CO Schluckbier found a bag of carrots used for deer bait. The hunter’s tree stand was located nearby, along with a bait pile consisting of carrots. The hunter claimed they were not his and he was just taking the bag of carrots to a friend who hunts private property. CO Schluckbier educated him on the laws he was in violation of and ordered him to clean up the bait site immediately. Charges will be sought through the Allegan County Prosecutor’s Office.

COs Cameron Wright and Joshua Salas were patrolling the Gourdneck SGA in Kalamazoo County at the end of hunting hours when they came across a PT Cruiser parked at one of the entrances. The COs contacted a man sitting behind the wheel who was listening to the radio and asked him if he had been hunting. The man was immediately aggravated and said he parked there to listen to the owls and that he wanted to be left alone. An opened tall container of Natural Ice beer was observed in the cup holder of the car. They asked the man on a scale of 1 to 10 how drunk he was, and he responded with, “I’m at a 5. I’ll be honest I’m drunk.”  The COs told the man to shut the vehicle off and began conducting SFSTs. Partway through SFSTs, the man made a face of shock and suddenly grabbed his rear end. Before the COs could say anything, the man had dropped his pants to his ankles and began defecating on the rear bumper of his PT Cruiser. The man was ultimately placed under arrest and was taken to the hospital for a blood draw. On the way there, the man noticed that CO Wright was using his GPS and said to the CO, “Man, I’m the drunk one here and I have to give you directions on how to take me to jail you moron.”  During the blood draw, the man also mentioned that the nurses were not drawing his blood, but instead that, “It’s all beer. Not going to lie to you. Pure. Natural. Ice.”  The man was ultimately lodged in the Kalamazoo County Jail and charges were submitted to the prosecutor’s office for review.

While working a late-night patrol in Ionia County, COs Mark Reffitt and Jeremy Beavers observed a truck moving slowly down a back-country road, shining flashlights into the open fields on either side. The COs left their stakeout location and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. Upon questioning, the driver advised that there was a loaded and uncased semi-automatic .22 rifle behind the seat. When asked what they were doing, the driver admitted that they were out looking for deer to shoot. The driver was cited for a loaded, uncased firearm in a motor vehicle, while one passenger was issued a citation for shining with a weapon in possession. A warning was given for possession of an untagged button buck that was found in the back of the truck and the deer was seized. Upon investigation, it was determined to have been struck by the vehicle and not shot.

In Ionia County, COs Jeremy Beavers and Mark Reffitt responded to a complaint from Ionia County Central Dispatch regarding a subject possibly road hunting. CO Beavers spoke with the complainant who stated that the suspect had been driving slowly along his road and appeared to be looking for deer. The complainant stated the suspect had passed by his house several times at a very slow speed. After witnessing him pass one final time, the complainant heard a shot. After hearing the shot, the complainant went to investigate and saw the subject in a field with a doe. The complainant did not see him shoot and was not sure if he was in or out of the vehicle or if he had permission to be on the property. Deputies from the Ionia County Sheriff’s Office arrived before the COs and secured the scene. Upon arrival, the COs spotted a subject walking down the road with a rifle, wearing camouflage and an orange hat. CO Beavers learned that the person he was waiting for was the suspect from the original complaint. It was discovered the subject had several warrants out of five different counties. Montcalm County informed they would like the subject lodged on his warrants. The subject was subsequently cited for failing to display his hunting license and arrested and lodged in the Montcalm County Jail. Regarding the investigation of the original complaint, CO Reffitt learned that the suspect had permission to hunt the property where the doe was shot, and it could not be determined if the subject shot the doe from his truck. No additional violations were discovered during the investigation and the suspect was free to go.

CO Jackie Miskovich received a complaint regarding the hauling and storing of an excessive amount of scrap tires. The complainant was able to obtain a plate number of the vehicle that had been hauling the tires. CO Miskovich checked out the address and was able to contact the individual. The individual had a truck bed full and a trailer full of scrap tires and was hauling them to another location. A citation was issued for hauling more than 10 scrap tires without a permit and a warning was issued for storing more than 500 scrap tires. All information was forwarded to the Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy.

CO Jackie Miskovich received complaints of late shooting and people hunting in restricted areas, when she came upon two individuals, a youth hunter along with their parent. The parent did not have kill-tags on them as they were deer hunting, or any form of identification. The youth hunter did not have any licenses at all and was carrying a .22. They were also in a restricted area. CO Miskovich issued a citation to the parent.


CO Chris Reynolds was meeting with Sgt. Chris Maher and observed a vehicle getting fuel with an antlered deer in the back of it. CO Reynolds recognized the vehicle and has had suspicions that the individuals had been taking over-limits of antlered deer in years past. CO Reynolds and Sgt. Maher talked with the hunters who told stories of the deer they had taken throughout the year. The individuals license purchase history and the deer the individuals stated they shot did not match up. One hunter confessed to borrowing a family member’s tag to tag his antlered deer. The deer was seized, and the hunter was advised that a report would be submitted seeking charges for borrowing kill-tags of another and untagged deer.

CO Chris Reynolds continued to investigate hunters who shot deer in a recent deer case where hunters were borrowing family members tags. While looking into one of the hunters, it was found that the hunter shot a deer prior to having a license. The hunter confessed to shooting the deer before having his license and shooting another deer later in the season. CO Reynolds checked processor records and it appears that one of the tags from the hunter was used twice. CO Reynolds will seek charges for all offenses uncovered in the investigation.

CO Nick Thornton responded to a trespassing complaint in Branch County and learned an individual had unlawfully entered the property of another to retrieve a dead buck he did not lawfully take. CO Thornton was able to identify a suspect and gain a confession. The head from the deer was recovered. Enforcement action was taken, and the head was returned to the individual who had lawfully harvested it.

CO Nick Thornton responded to a deer baiting complaint in Coldwater. While investigating the complaint, CO Thornton observed the suspect carrying a bucket of corn to the bait pile. CO Thornton initiated a conversation with the suspect as he continued to hold the bucket of corn and made several incriminating statements as to what he was doing. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Jason McCullough received a call from a subject in Jackson County advising his neighbor had killed four antlered deer so far during the 2022 deer season. CO McCullough contacted CO Cullen Knoblauch to check a deer processor that the suspect uses and located two transactions of the suspect dropping off antlered deer. One of the antlered deer had the license belonging to the suspect’s landlord, who was an 83-year-old female. COs Knoblauch and McCullough responded to the suspect’s address to interview the suspect who admitted to killing a total of four antlered deer during the 2022 seasons. The suspect killed a spike, 6-point, 8-point, and 9-point this year. The suspect used his landlord’s license and his wife’s tags. COs Knoblauch and McCullough seized the 9-point deer killed the night prior and the antlers from the 8-point. The case will be forwarded to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office seeking multiple charges.


CO Martin Lawrence had the opportunity to assist in working the “Stuff the Truck” holiday detail with Sgt. Damon Owens and CO Keven Luther at Maybury State Park. The detailed event was able to raise a high number of toys that were brought in by very giving citizens in the Metro Detroit area.

CO Keven Luther observed a white van parked in an odd location near an area known to have illegal hunting activity. CO Luther checked the vehicle and observed an empty crossbow case and a box of apples. COs Ariel Young and Dan Walzak were in the area and conducted surveillance allowing CO Luther to check a nearby bait pile. CO Luther patrolled the area and observed a male hunting over a bait pile. CO Luther contacted the male and discovered that the hunter had taken a deer illegally earlier in the season. CO Luther issued a citation for hunting over bait and is seeking formal charges for the previously harvested deer. COs Young and Walzak then informed CO Luther that they contacted the owner of the van. An on-scene investigation was then conducted. Once CO Luther arrived on-scene to assist, the hunter took the COs to his hunting location. After CO Luther contacted the landowner, it was determined that the hunter was railroad and recreational trespassing. A citation was issued.

CO David Schaumburger was patrolling a piece of property where a hunter had his tree stand stolen a few days prior. The suspect walked through a hole in the fence with the tree stand in his hands and the hunter caught him on camera with his back to the camera. CO Schaumburger walked through the hole in the fence and the hunter called him immediately to say that there was somebody else walking on his property that he caught on camera a few minutes prior. CO Schaumburger went into high alert mode knowing that the thief could potentially be out there with him. He continued to patrol through the woods when out of the corner of his eye, he caught a male running away from a fixed position. Knowing that nobody should be on the property, he immediately took off towards him telling the unknown male multiple times, “Stop, police.”  After a brief foot chase, the suspect finally gave himself up after he realized how swift CO Schaumburger was on his feet. The male would not confess to the larceny but still was in violation of a felony resisting/obstruction charge for not following the CO’s commands.

COs Dave Schaumburger, Brad Silorey, and Sydney Griffor conducted a group waterfowl patrol on Lake St. Clair. The three COs did not see many birds but found one hunter to be using a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells. While they came up on a group driving their boat, they discovered that one of the hunters did not unload his firearm. Citations were issues for each of the violations.

While patrolling in a problem area for ORVs, CO Ariel Young encountered a rider on a dirt bike. After stopping the individual, it was determined that the subject was a juvenile and CO Young escorted them back to their residence. Once at the residence, CO Young talked with the parents who were unaware of the laws regarding juveniles operating ORVs. In addition to operating on the roadway, which is a misdemeanor in Wayne County, the rider also failed to obtain an ORV safety certificate, failed to get an ORV permit, and was operating without adult supervision. CO Young issued a citation to the parents for allowing a juvenile to operate unsupervised.

CO Cody Bourgeois was on patrol when he observed a truck parked on DTE property. Further investigation led CO Bourgeois to find a hunter on the adjacent property. CO Bourgeois contacted the hunter who did not have hunter orange on, nor did he have his license on his person. When questioned about his vehicle, he stated he has parked there for years to access the blind on the private property. CO Bourgeois issued a citation for failure to display license on demand and gave warnings for no hunter orange and trespass.

Acting Sgt. Justin Muehlhauser responded to a complaint about two hunters who were observed entering the field without hunter orange. The caller also thought that the hunter’s blind might be inside of his safety zone. The CO checked the area and located the blind and encountered one of the hunters. The hunter was wearing a reversable jacket, and the orange was not showing while the hunter was hunting. The CO questioned the suspect about the whereabouts of the other hunter. He stated that it was his brother, and he didn’t know where he was hunting at. The CO cited the hunter for failing to wear hunter orange.

CO Joseph Deppen was on marine patrol on lake St. Clair checking for waterfowl hunting activity when he received a complaint of people hunting in a waterfowl refuge. CO Deppen responded to the location and observed the hunters shoot two ducks. They were stopped on the water and advised of being in the refuge. All hunters were given verbal warnings for hunting in a waterfowl refuge. One hunter was cited for hunting waterfowl without a waterfowl license and another hunter was cited for having a loaded firearm in a motorized boat.

CO Joseph Deppen was on marine patrol on Lake St. Clair when he observed two different layout rigs shooting a lot of ducks. CO Deppen observed multiple violations and two separate boats were then stopped. One boat received citations for hunting waterfowl with an unplugged gun and loaded firearm in a motorized boat. They received three other warnings. The second boat was cited for loaded firearm in a motorized boat and no licenses on person. Other warnings were given for shooting under power.

CO Sydney Griffor received a complaint of a hunter possibly shooting a deer over bait. COs Brad Silorey and Sydney Griffor met at the location and interviewed the hunter. The hunter explained he shot at a deer and believed he missed. The COs were unable to locate blood and determined the hunter missed the deer, but they did locate bait in front of the hunter’s blind. The hunter was issued a citation for hunting over bait.

COs Sydney Griffor and Bobby Watson were invited to speak to Algonac High School’s forensic class. The COs presented to the class numerous ways of how forensic science relates to the job of a conservation officer. Students were able to ask many questions and learn about the career of a conservation officer.

COs Kris Kiel and Brad Silorey observed a vessel coming in fast, in a slow no wake area. Upon contact at the launch, a full marine safety check was conducted along with waterfowl checks of the passengers. After the checks, the operator stated that they play by all the rules. CO Kiel responded with “Yes, I can see that, except for the slow no wake violation, fail to provide a Type IV personal floatation device (PFD), no fire extinguisher, no paper registration, and two unsigned waterfowl stamps.”  The operator was written a citation for the PFD violation and warnings were issued for everything else.

CO Brad Silorey worked waterfowl hunters for the last week of the zone three regular waterfowl season. Waterfowl activity on Lake St. Clair was subpar, however waterfowl hunting activity was still high. CO Silorey contacted many hunters and wrote citations for loaded firearm in motorboat, unplugged shotgun, and gave multiple warnings.

CO Jaime Salisbury followed up on several bait/feed complaints. The CO was able to locate the bait on both properties and contact the owners, who both admitted to knowing that baiting/feeding deer was illegal.  Citations were issued for the illegal bait.

CO Brandon Hartleben had just cleared the main entrance to Chelsea SGA and was travelling westbound on Dexter-Chelsea Road when he observed a subject in camouflage walking down the shoulder of the road with a firearm. A check of the subject and his license revealed that he was a licensed deer hunter, he just was not wearing any hunter orange. A citation was issued to the subject for failing to wear hunter orange while afield.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll contacted an individual finishing up a hunt. CO Ingersoll spoke with the hunter who was not wearing hunter orange and possessed a loaded firearm after legal shooting hours. While speaking to the hunter about his violations, CO Ingersoll asked the hunter if he had any bait at his stand and the hunter advised he had a mineral block. CO Ingersoll issued the hunter a citation for possessing a loaded firearm after shooting hours and warned him for not having hunter orange and for hunting over bait.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was checking marine activity on Laplaisance Creek when he observed a vessel operating at greater than slow no wake speed. CO Ingersoll contacted the vessel as it pulled into the launch and advised him of his violation. CO Ingersoll completed a safety check of the vessel and determined he did not have a fire extinguisher, his vessel registration, and had an improper display of his registration numbers. CO Ingersoll issued the vessel owner a citation for improper display of registration/MC numbers and issued warnings for the other violations.

While patrolling through Lenawee County, Sgt. Shane Webster observed an individual walking through a field carrying what appeared to be a bottle of liquid mineral attractant. Sgt. Webster contacted the individual and identified the freshly poured mineral on a block stump the subject had placed in front of his tree stand. A ticket was issued for the baiting violation.

CO David Schaumburger pulled over a vehicle on Belle Isle doing 54 mph in a 25-mph zone. The driver said he was in a hurry, and nobody was on the road, so he didn’t think it was a big deal. A citation was issued for the excessive speed.

During a Belle Isle patrol, CO Ariel Young was conducting a stationary radar patrol on Central Avenue. A vehicle travelled past CO Young down the 25 mph road at 45mph. CO Young initiated a traffic stop and the driver was unaware of the speed limit. Being that they were late getting to an event, they were not even aware of how fast they were driving. The individual was issued a citation for speed.

Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy-(EGLE)

On December 12, 2022, the owner of a Saginaw County septic hauler was sentenced for unlawfully land applying septage waste to farm fields in December of 2021. 

This case began with referral from the Department of EGLE, Drinking Water and Environmental Health Division.  EGLE staff had received information from the Saginaw County Health Department regarding a septic hauler land applying septage waste to farm fields on December 9, 2020. The Saginaw County HD responded to complaints of septic trucks in farms fields land applying waste in Maple Grove Township. Health Department officials met with the owner of the septic company, who explained that he was using the septic trucks to spread water from underground tanks onto the fields. Health Department staff checked the fields and found evidence of septage waste where the trucks had been operating. The owner explained that he has his septic trucks cleaned out in the fields and then uses them to spread water and manure. The Health Department provided Det. Dan Lee of the DNR’s Environmental Investigation Section with information that this particular septic hauler had been investigated for the same actions in May of 2020.  The Saginaw Health Department had informed the owner at that time of the violations of land applying septage.

The Saginaw County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office approved one Misdemeanor charge of land applying septage waste, MCL 324.11708, on April 5, 2021. The owner was arraigned on April 14 and plead not guilty. After several court dates were rescheduled, he eventually plead guilty on September 1, 2022. He was sentenced on December 12th, 2022, and, was fined $755 with a 6-month delayed sentence.