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2/6/2022 - 2/19/2022


Conservation Officers (COs) Shannon Kritz and Jeremy Sergey represented the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Law Enforcement Division at a career fair held at the National Guard Armory in Ishpeming where they spoke to military service men and women about the conservation officer career.

COs Phil Helminen and Jared Ferguson were checking anglers ice fishing in Dickinson County. The COs contacted a group ice fishing. One individual stated he did not have his license with him but was sure he had one as he was ice fishing last year. A license check on the individual showed that he did not have a current year fishing license, nor did he ever purchase a fishing license in Michigan. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Alex VanWagner responded to a medical call with emergency medical services (EMS) and a Michigan State Police (MSP) trooper in Caspian for a report of a male subject on the floor of his residence with chest pains. The subject was evaluated on scene and transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

CO Jared Ferguson received a call from a local MSP trooper asking him for assistance with a string of breaking and entering of camps in the area. The trooper requested CO Ferguson bring his snowmobile to help locate a stolen ORV and trailer which he believed would be stashed somewhere in the area. CO Ferguson patrolled the two tracks on his snowmobile, where motor vehicle operation was impossible, to assist the trooper. Towards the end of the day, CO Ferguson and the trooper located the stolen trailer, dragged it out the woods, and placed it in CO Ferguson’s truck for transport. The investigation is ongoing.


CO Brandon Maki was in the Paradise area when a snowmobile went through a stop sign at a high rate of speed. CO Maki caught up to the snowmobile and made a stop, then asked the rider if he saw the stop sign. He stated he did but, “There are so many of them.”  The rider admitted fault and was issued a citation for careless operation.

CO Cole VanOosten and PCO Marissa Hassevoort gave a presentation to a group of Boy Scouts involved in the Truth in Nature Program. The COs discussed the job of a conservation officer as well as showed the group a wide variety of furs from Michigan. CO VanOosten also discussed trapping and the associated regulations.

CO Cole VanOosten and PCO Marissa Hassevoort assisted on a two-vehicle personal injury accident in Mackinac County. The COs assisted with traffic in what was later determined to be a fatal accident.
CO Cole VanOosten and PCO Marissa Hassevoort were on patrol of Big Manistique Lake when they encountered an ice angler with five tip-ups out. As the COs approached, the fisherman began reeling up an additional fishing pole in his hand. The COs contacted the individual and he attempted to say that three of the tip-ups were his dad’s, who was approximately 300 yards away. The only tracks in the snow were from the one fisherman. The man admitted that he was the one that set up and tended to all the tip-ups. Additionally, none of the man’s tip-ups had proper identification on them. A citation was issued for fishing with more than three lines and a verbal warning was given for no name and address on his tip ups.

COs Justin Vinson, Cole VanOosten, Rob Freeborn, Sergeant (Sgt.) Calvin Smith, and PCOs Marissa Hassevoort and Cameron Wright, along with Deputy Tim Maskus from the Luce County Sheriff’s Office were called late at night for a report of four lost snowmobilers north of Newberry near Sleeper Lake. The out-of-state and southern Michigan snowmobilers had been riding off-trail after dark in a snowstorm, when one of the riders lost control and landed in open water on a beaver pond and two of the other snowmobiles became stuck in the chest deep snow. To make matters worse, a severe winter storm with 20 miles per hour (mph) wind gusts blowing caused the snowmobilers to become disoriented and not know how to get out of the swamp. Around 1:00 am, the riders were located and found to be well. The officers assisted the riders in getting the two snowmobiles unstuck while tending to the hypothermic wet rider. All four snowmobilers were escorted out of the swamp by the officers with one being treated for signs of hypothermia by Luce County EMS. The situation was a reminder to use good judgement when deciding to operate off trail particularly in near blizzard conditions. 

CO Colton Gelinas was checking an ice fisherman on an inland lake in Mackinac County when he came across a fisherman that was having good luck on perch. When asked how many perch he had, the fisherman was unsure. After counting the bucket of perch, it was determined that he had 40 perch in possession, the legal limit is 25. CO Gelinas issued a citation for overlimit of perch.

CO Mike Olesen assisted the MSP and Whitefish Township EMS with a snowmobile accident north of Paradise. CO Olesen assisted at the scene of the accident and assisted with transporting EMS members in and out of the area.

CO Mark Zitnik happened to be at the Alger County Sheriff's Department when one of the inmates was discovered by a deputy attempting to commit suicide by hanging himself in a jail cell. CO Zitnik and deputies got the man down and began cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). After 20 minutes of working with Alger County EMS the inmate regained a pulse and was transported to UP Heath System Marquette.

CO Andrea Dani and Sgt. Mark Zitnik were on patrol in Alger County on H 58 near Van Meer when the COs encountered a snowmobile heading in their direction in the middle of the roadway. The snowmobiler did not move over until just passing by the patrol truck, after which the snowmobiler returned to the middle of the roadway over a blind hill. The COs turned around and initiated a traffic stop of the snowmobiler. The operator was issued a citation for careless operation of a snowmobile.

COs Robert Freeborn and Michael Evink assisted Ohio game wardens in an illegal deer investigation involving a local subject. The COs located the subject and after an interview, it was determined the suspect had shot a deer in Ohio this past fall without a license. A report will be completed and turned over to the Ohio game wardens for their investigation.

While on snowmobile patrol, COs Robert Freeborn, Michael Evink, and Schoolcraft County deputies responded to a snowmobile personal injury accident that was near their location. After arriving on scene, it was determined that the snowmobile lost control and hit a pine tree at approximately 60 mph. The officers kept the subject comfortable while waiting for EMS to arrive on the scene. The subject was removed and transported to a local hospital where he was then eventually transferred to another hospital downstate. The subject sustained serious injuries including broken ribs, a ruptured spleen, and a tear in his aorta. The subject is expected to make a full recovery.

CO Robert Freeborn was sitting at a busy trail crossing where it crosses a plowed county road. After sitting for only a few minutes, CO Freeborn observed several snowmobiles fail to stop at the stop sign. Citations were issued for the careless operation of a snowmobile. Shortly after, another snowmobile failed to stop at the stop sign. A citation was also issued for the carless operation of a snowmobile.

CO Michael Evink was requested to respond to a family of five who were walking out from a newly purchased camp. The family was hoping to spend the night at their new property but were not able to get a fire started and their ORV was stuck in the deep snow. After walking a mile plus through waist deep snow, the family was very cold and tired. Once on scene, CO Evink used his snowmobile to locate the family, still a mile plus from their vehicle. CO Evink made sure everyone was doing well. CO Evink transported the coldest child back to the staging area and the family truck. Sault Tribe officers were now on scene with two additional snowmobiles and an MSP trooper. The officers headed back in and were able to safely transport the next three individuals to their truck. Local fire rescue arrived with a tracked side-by-side and assisted with recovering the ORV. All in all, five family members were safely transported to their vehicle and the ORV was recovered to prevent further chance of endangerment.


CO Nathan Beelman received a complaint about what was believed to be an injured bald eagle on Deer Lake. CO Beelman patrolled to the area and observed an injured bird on the ice that was unable to fly for extended periods of time. CO Beelman was able to corral the bird against the tree line along the lake and was able to net the bird and get it into a cage for transport. The bird was a rough-legged hawk which spends most of its time in the Canadian Artic except for its winter migration. The bird was transferred to a wildlife rehabilitator for further care.

CO Duane Budreau followed up on a complaint of a subject living on state land. After investigating further, CO Budreau discovered the subject had constructed a small cabin type structure consisting of a wood stove, a log bed, and a food pantry. The exterior of the shelter was log construction with camouflage tarping and netting over the roof. The shelter was enclosed inside of a high woven wire fence. After contacting the subject, CO Budreau discovered the man to be homeless. CO Budreau reached out to Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency Housing Resource Specialist. An outreach worker was soon assigned to the case. CO Budreau and the outreach worker later tracked down the homeless man in the public library. The man was provided housing at an area shelter until further accommodations can be made.

CO Tom Oberg served three misdemeanor warrants regarding three separate illegal deer cases from the 2021 deer season. Two instances involved subjects buying their deer license after taking a deer during the firearm deer season and one case involved a subject shooting a deer during the archery deer season and failed to tag the deer.

CO Matt Theunick and PCO Michael Lator received a complaint referencing two trailers left on state land in southern Cheboygan County. Over the course of several weeks, the COs checked multiple times to see if the trailers had been moved; however, they had not. The COs finally contacted the subject at the location where the trailers were, and he admitted that he and his family had used them during hunting season, and he was responsible for leaving the trailers there. A ticket was issued for abandoning property on state land. 

The District 3 Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) Team assisted the Montmorency County Sheriff’s Department during their annual Atlanta Snowdrift Races. The COs were happy to report no major incidents were noted.

CO Tim Rosochacki and Sgt. Mark DePew were checking anglers on Burt Lake when they encountered an ice shanty with 10 tip-ups out. Upon contacting the four subjects, it was discovered there were five additional lines in the water inside the ice shanty for a total of 15 lines. This made the subjects three lines over the allowed amount. The subjects knew they were limited to three lines per person but neglected to count their total amount. A ticket was issued.

CO Tim Rosochacki contacted a subject with five tip-ups set outside his shanty on Mullet Lake, two over the allowed amount. The subject admitted to placing the extra lines because the perch were biting well. A ticket was issued.

CO Sidney Collins responded to a 911 call in Montmorency County of a vehicle without a license plate on a snowmobile trail. The caller stated when they rode their snowmobile by the vehicle, it was occupied by two people who looked as though they were slumped over the wheel. The caller stated the vehicle was snow covered and looked as though it was there for some time. CO Collins, along with a Montmorency County deputy, responded to the scene to find two adults and an infant child in the vehicle. The vehicle was running and warm. The officers questioned the subjects in the vehicle who stated they were just trying to sleep. Neither of the subjects had drivers’ licenses. There also was no insurance or registration for the vehicle. After interviewing the subjects, they stated they were trying to sleep because they are not able to be together at her residence. The officers also learned the male subject used methamphetamine recently and was sleeping it off. The officers towed the vehicle and gave the passengers and child a ride home. Child Protective Services was contacted for a follow up regarding the welfare of the child.

CO Sidney Collins received a complaint of a dog that was left abandoned in Montmorency County. CO Collins saw a post on social media asking if “Anyone knew whose dog this is?” followed by a trail camera picture of a dog eating off a deer carcass. CO Collins recognized the dog as a local hound hunter’s pup. CO Collins started to hear rumors that the dog may have been dumped by the owner. A couple other local hounds men set live traps and were able to catch the dog just before it was too late. The dog was very skinny and had bloody paws. The dog is now in loving hands and healing. CO Collins went and interviewed the original owner of the pup. The subject admitted to taking off the collars and dumping the dog on state land because the dog would not stop barking. CO Collins told the subject there are several humane options to get rid of a dog and that abandoning a dog is unacceptable. CO Collins submitted a report to the prosecutor’s office for animal abandonment.

CO Sidney Collins responded to a domestic violence call in Montmorency County. CO Collins and another Montmorency County deputy arrived on scene and found a male subject intoxicated, standing in the road. The subject and his girlfriend were in an argument that turned physical. The male subject also had several warrants for his arrest. The subject was arrested on the warrants.

CO Jessie Curtis along with other local law enforcement agencies participated in the Alpena Polar Plunge raising funds for the Special Olympics. A total of $30,000 was raised for the Special Olympics.

CO Paul Fox and PCO Lisa Taube followed up on a complaint near Rogers City regarding a subject who took a large buck without a deer tag during the firearm season. After several interviews, phone searches, hunting license record checks, and social media investigations, it was determined that the individual shot the deer and purchased a deer tag after the fact. The suspect was interviewed and subsequently confessed to shooting the deer without a license. The antlers were seized, and a report will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office for review.

CO Paul Fox and PCO Lisa Taube participated in a joint law enforcement active shooter training at a local high school in Presque Isle County. Several agencies participated and trained on response, safety tactics, and room clearing.


CO William Kinney received an anonymous complaint of an angler with a vehicle out on Lake Mitchell in Wexford County in the act of using an overlimit of tip-ups. CO Kinney was able to locate the vehicle in question from shore. It was also observed that more than three tip-ups were placed near the vehicle. With no good location to access the suspect, CO Kinney parked his patrol truck at Mitchell State Park and proceeded out on foot. CO Kinney walked just under a mile to the suspect’s vehicle to check for a violation. During the walk, CO Kinney was only able to observe one individual in the vehicle who appeared to be tending to five tip-ups. Contact was made, and a confession was obtained for the over-limit of fishing lines. In addition, an undersized walleye was seized that was kept by the angler. The angler was cited for the overlimit of fishing lines.

CO Amanda Weaver assisted the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park rangers and Glen Lake Fire Department with rescuing a woman who had become trapped partially down a frozen dune climb above Lake Michigan. The woman went down to assist her son, who had slid down and was having difficulty getting back up. She was able to rescue her son but then could not get herself back up. The National Park rangers and Fire Department personnel responded to the top of the bluff and CO Weaver offered to walk to the base of the bluff, in the event that medical response was needed at the bottom. Fire department personnel were able to retrieve the subject and the incident was resolved without issue.

CO Patrick McManus worked the annual memorial snowmobile drag racing event in Leelanau County. In attendance were several racers, spectators, and sponsors from around the State of Michigan and throughout the Midwest. The Leelanau County Sheriff’s Office, Glen Lake Fire Department, National Park Service and MSP were also in attendance for the event. CO McManus was happy to report that the races went off without any major safety incidents and were once again successful in raising the funds necessary to continue scholarship opportunities in the area.

While patrolling Hamlin Lake for ice anglers, CO Kyle Publiski and PCO Elisabeth Killingbeck came across three subjects fishing. While talking to the subjects about how their season was going, the subject started showing pictures of large perch and walleye they had been catching on the east side of the state. After looking at the pictures, PCO Killingbeck asked the three subjects for their licenses. Only one of the subjects was able to produce a fishing license, while the other two stated their licenses were back at the cabin. PCO Killingbeck checked to verify the subjects had fishing licenses and it was determined that neither one of the other two subjects had purchased fishing licenses this year. One subject not only didn’t purchase a fishing license this year but had not purchased a fishing license since 2018. The two subjects were cited for fishing without fishing licenses.

While checking a small lake for anglers in Mason County, CO Kyle Publiski and PCO Elisabeth Killingbeck came across a shanty. While approaching the shanty, they could see two tip-ups outside the shanty. As CO Publiski knocked on the shanty door and stated who he was, CO Publiski could see the subject though the top of the unzipped shanty door reeling up one of his fishing poles as fast as he could. After reeling up the extra line, the subject unzipped the shanty door and started to get his fishing license out. CO Publiski asked the subject about the extra line and the subject denied using it. CO Publiski explained to the subject if he was going to use extra lines, he may want to completely zip the shanty door all the way shut. The subject was cited for using too many lines.

CO Tim Barboza had just checked out of service when he received a call from Newaygo Central Dispatch advising of a bear in a caller’s front yard that had been standing there for multiple hours. CO Barboza checked back into service and patrolled north to the residence, arriving after dark. The complainant showed CO Barboza the dark shape in the brush and CO Barboza approached the animal. After getting closer and seeing no tracks CO Barboza got close enough to tell the “bear” was a large black trash bag. CO Barboza retrieved the trash bag and gave it to the homeowner to show her family the bear.

CO Zackery Walters was patrolling Lake McCoy during the free fishing weekend and observed a large group of anglers fishing. The group turned out to be the local Boy Scout Troop and parents with many of the Boy Scouts ice fishing for the first time. CO Walters answered questions about ice fishing and size limits for pike on the lake when a tip-up went off and an undersized pike was hooked. CO Walters assisted the angler in safely releasing the pike.


COs Kyle Bader and Brad Bellville, along with PCOs Olivia Moeller and Logan Turner, conducted a taxidermy inspection in Ogemaw County. PCO Moeller located a set of antlers that were not tagged properly. PCO Moeller and CO Bader followed up with the hunter who harvested the deer. He told the COs he got excited when he saw the buck on his trail camera regularly for a few days, and he went out and killed it during his first hunt in the 2021 firearm deer season. He admitted he had not yet purchased a deer license at the time he killed the deer. Charges are being sought through the Ogemaw County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Josh Russell and PCO Cheyanna Langworthy were patrolling Clare County when they observed someone cutting up wood on state land. Upon contact with the woodcutter, the COs discovered that the individual did not have a permit to cut on state land. When the COs asked him if he was aware a permit was needed, he stated he knew about them. A citation was issued for cutting wood on state land without a permit.

CO Jeff Goss was contacted by a Kansas game warden to help with investigating a deer case where a buck was illegally taken from Kansas. COs Goss and Ryan Weakman conducted multiple taxidermy inspections to try and locate evidence for the investigation. After sharing the information found during the taxidermy inspections, CO Goss was contacted by a second Kansas game warden. The information shared from the first case spurred a second investigation into a separate case. After discussing the case with the Kansas warden, COs Goss and Craig Neal interviewed two men who were suspected of killing deer in Kansas without licenses and then borrowing them from Kansas landowners to tag their deer. When first contacted, the two men told the COs they were down in Kansas coyote hunting. They further stated that the Kansas landowners asked them to bring the deer back to Michigan to get them mounted for them at a taxidermy shop. Eventually a full confession was obtained, and the men confessed to killing the two bucks in Kansas without tags and then purchasing Kansas landowner tags to tag their deer. Charges will be sought by the Kansas game wardens for the deer that were illegally taken.


CO Seth Rhodea was checking anglers on the Saginaw Bay during a weekend patrol when he contacted two anglers fishing for walleye. The CO asked how the anglers were doing and they advised they had their limit of walleye. CO Rhodea asked if there were any more fish in their shanty and if he could check. One of the anglers showed CO Rhodea an additional walleye they had in their shanty. The angler advised he had caught the walleye the day before and had left it in the shanty because they were from out-of-town and staying at a hotel. CO Rhodea explained the possession laws to the anglers advising them that regardless of when caught, if their fish were not processed, they counted towards their limit. While speaking with the anglers CO Rhodea also discovered their snowmobile was unregistered.

CO Joshua Wright and PCO Jacob Daniel spotted a waterfowl blind in Bay County on the Saginaw Bay that was left out after season. While looking into the matter the suspect approached and admitted to it being his blind. A report was submitted to the prosecutor requesting charges.

CO Joshua Wright and PCO Jacob Daniel were out checking beaver and otter traps near Fish Point in Tuscola County. During this patrol, 20 snares were found on public land. A fox and a raccoon were discovered in snares along with evidence of three other animals. Most snares were without the proper identification; contact was made with a suspect from information that was available. During an interview, the suspect admitted to setting the snares on public land and identified the animal parts as two racoons and a coyote. Charges are being requested through the prosecutor’s office.

While checking activity on the Saginaw River, CO Mike Haas and PCO Jacob Hamilton contacted an angler who was unable to find his fishing license. The man was in his 50s and stated he must have misplaced or forgotten to buy his license this year. A check of the man’s purchase history revealed that he had never purchased a Michigan fishing license in his life. A citation was issued to address the violation.

During a patrol near the Vestaburg State Game Area, CO Mike Haas and PCO Jacob Hamilton observed a vehicle operating on the roadway displaying registration that had been expired for two years. A traffic stop was conducted, and the operator admitted that the vehicle was unregistered and uninsured. The operator was issued a citation and given an opportunity to secure valid insurance for the vehicle.

While conducting a snowmobile patrol on Lake Isabella, CO Mike Haas and PCO Jacob Hamilton encountered numerous ORV and snowmobile operators who failed to license their machines. Citations were issued to multiple individuals to address the licensing violations. Warnings were issued for failing to transfer vehicle titles and for operating with a suspended license.

COs Dan Robinson, Adam Beuthin, Mike Haas, Adam Schiller, Josh Russell, and PCOs Jacob Hamilton and Cheyanna Langworthy conducted a dedicated weekend patrol on the Saginaw Bay. The COs issued several tickets related to ORV and snowmobile registrations as well as several citations for fishing without a license. Several hundred fishing contacts were made over the weekend as the COs checked anglers eight to 10 miles out into the bay.


CO Travis Dragomer observed a vehicle go through a red light, almost causing a serious collision. CO Dragomer conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle and a citation was written for disregarding a traffic control device.

COs Jeff Robinette and Tyler Cole attended the Hunter Rendezvous at the Dowagiac Conservation Club in Cass County. The hunting-based event featured numerous booths and exhibits from local hunting related businesses. COs Robinette and Cole talked to the attendees and answered questions regarding hunter safety topics as well as providing various hunting and fishing law information. COs Robinette and Cole also engaged with numerous children who had questions about the job duties of a conservation officer. The event celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Dowagiac Conservation Club this year and continues to be a positive interaction between COs and the public.

CO James Nason was out on patrol when he came upon a traffic jam on a busy road in Kalamazoo County. CO Nason quickly noticed that two vehicles were stuck in a ditch while another vehicle was hooked up to them with a tow strap. Upon contacting operators and eyewitnesses, it was found that one of the drivers was following too closely behind the cars ahead of him and was unable to stop in time when they started to brake. The driver swerved to avoid rear-ending the car in front of him and slid into the ditch, causing others to leave the roadway as well. CO Nason assisted the individuals in getting their vehicles back on the road. One citation was issued for careless operation.

CO James Nason received multiple complaints of snowmobilers trespassing onto private property to access the Kal-Haven Trail in Alamo Township, Kalamazoo County. CO Nason responded to the area and sat stationary until he witnessed a snowmobile trespassing. He then followed the snowmobile and witnessed it operating on multiple people’s properties in a manner that was hazardous to others and their personal property. CO Nason initiated his emergency lights and stopped the operator on the side of the road. Upon further contact and investigation, CO Nason issued a citation for careless operation on a snowmobile and a written warning for trespass.

CO Sam Schluckbier completed a trespass investigation from the fall of 2021 that took place in Allegan County. A property owner came upon a deer hunter walking on his property while tracking a wounded deer. The hunter did not have permission to track the deer on this land. The deer was located but left by the hunter as coyotes had already eaten part of it. The property owner wished to pursue charges. An incident report was submitted to the Allegan County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

COs Richard Cardenas and Kyle McQueer, along with an MSP trooper received a complaint of shots fired at a residence in Barry County. While COs Cardenas, McQueer, and the MSP trooper were about to pull into the residence, Barry County Central Dispatch advised that the suspect had assaulted his grandma and took off in a vehicle, possibly armed. The suspect, along with his vehicle, passed all three officers while heading to the residence. CO Cardenas and the MSP trooper stayed at the residence to conduct interviews while CO McQueer patrolled the area looking for the suspect vehicle. Ultimately, there were several felony and misdemeanor charges on the suspect. The next day, CO McQueer and the MSP trooper were driving by the residence and located the suspect vehicle in the driveway. CO McQueer and the MSP trooper were told by the homeowner that the suspect was upstairs in a bedroom sleeping. CO McQueer and the MSP trooper contacted the suspect who was placed in custody without further incident. The suspect was lodged at the Barry County Jail on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.

CO Casey Varriale was checking ice anglers on Camp Lake in Kent County when he encountered an ice angler with a bucket of fish. CO Varriale asked to count the fish and the angler said there was 25. A quick count revealed the angler had 26 pan fish. The angler claimed he miscounted, and CO Varriale took one fish and gave it to another angler who had zero fish. The angler was issued a verbal warning for the one fish over-limit.

CO Robert Slick and PCO Joshua Salas were on patrol when they received a call from an individual who had purchased a mounted owl that was being sold on Facebook. CO Slick and PCO Salas had contacted him the day prior via phone and explained that it is a violation to purchase or possess a mounted owl unless it is for educational purposes. CO Slick and PCO Salas met up with the individual at his place of work and were able to obtain possession of the mounted owl. CO Slick seized the owl and gave the individual a copy of the seized property form. The investigation is ongoing to try to identify the subject responsible for selling the owl, with possible formal charges requested.


CO John Byars, along with Chief Gary Hagler and CO Phil Hudson, represented the Department of Natural Resources Law Enforcement Division in the funeral of Captain Collin Birnie of the Flint Police Department. Captain Birnie was fatally killed in a traffic accident while returning to his residence on February 4, 2022.

CO John Byars assisted numerous law enforcement agencies in Ingham County during the recent winter storm. CO Byars conducted several motorists assists and other general assistance calls.

CO Ed Rice conducted an ice fishing check in Hillsdale County and encountered an angler who had an over-limit of sunfish, as well as an unlicensed ORV. The subject had hidden several fish knowing he was over the lawful limit. CO Rice issued the man a citation for possess over-limit of sunfish and a verbal warning for failing to attach ORV decal.

CO Thomas Jaakkola assisted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office in locating a lost hiker on the Dahlem Center hiking trails. The female subject stated she had been out hiking for over an hour, became disoriented on the trails, and couldn’t find her way back to her vehicle. Dispatch advised that the hiker stated she could see a white barn. CO Jaakkola drove toward the barn and turned on the sirens so the subject could walk toward the sound. The subject made her way out and CO Jaakkola gave her a ride back to her vehicle about a half a mile away. There were no health concerns or injuries.

CO Thomas Jaakkola was on patrol when he came across a Chevrolet pickup truck that had left the roadway and hit a tree head-on. CO Jaakkola heard Napoleon Township Police and Fire being dispatched to the location for an unknown accident. CO Jaakkola contacted multiple people outside the truck along with the driver who had minor injuries. The Napoleon Police Department arrived on scene and started an OWI investigation. The subject was transported by JCA Ambulance to Henry Ford Allegiance due to injuries. CO Jaakkola assisted with traffic control until the accident was cleaned up.


CO Martin Lawrence and CO Dan Walzak arraigned a subject who was picked up on a warrant by Grosse Pointe Farms Police Department. The outstanding felony warrant, which was secured by CO Dave Schaumburger, was for possession of stolen property over $1,000.

CO Chris Knights waited on a truck parked on American Aggregate property in Oxford. After waiting for the owner to return, CO Knights heard shots in the distance. After a few more minutes the hunters came out. The subjects were issued citations for recreational trespassing.

CO Luke Robare was patrolling Thetford Township when he came across a snowmobile driving on the wrong side of the road. The snowmobiler was not wearing a helmet and did not have a current registration or a valid snowmobile trail permit sticker. CO Robare educated the individual on operating along the road and issued him a citation for not having a trail permit.

COs from Monroe, Macomb, Lapeer, St. Clair, and Genesee Counties conducted a group patrol on Lake St. Clair near Anchor Bay, organized by local CO Bob Watson. The COs focused their efforts on ORV and snowmobile violations due to the number of complaints that have been received on activity in the area. The COs contacted several hundred individuals, issuing 10 citations and giving out dozens of verbal warnings. Citations were issued for registration and permit violations as well as equipment violations. During the patrol, the COs also cited two individuals for fishing without a license.

COs Eric Smither and Andrew Monnich were checking coyote hunters in southern Lenawee County when they observed three individuals walking a field with firearms with no hunter orange on. Enforcement action was taken, and citations were issued for afield with no hunter orange.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll and PCO Mark Reffitt followed up on a complaint from Jackson County COs regarding an individual from Monroe County who dropped off three bucks at a processor facility in Jackson County. The COs interviewed the suspect at his home. After initial questioning, he admitted to killing two out of the three bucks while hunting in Washtenaw County and purchasing tags for the deer after taking the deer. The COs are submitting charges for taking two deer without a license through the Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office.

While on patrol at Belle Isle Park, CO Nicholas Ingersoll and PCO Mark Reffitt observed a vehicle fail to stop at an intersection and conducted a traffic stop on the car. The driver had been driving on a suspended license and was cited for the offense, while also being given warnings for failing to provide insurance, not wearing a seatbelt, and disregarding a stop sign.

Environmental Investigation Unit (EIS)

Det. Dan Lee reports: This investigation began with a complaint from the Mid-Michigan District Health Department (MMDHD) out of Montcalm County. MMDHD conducted an inspection of Richards Septic facilities and found a newly constructed septage waste receiving facility that had not been permitted. MMDHD also found septage waste being land applied to farm fields outside of the permit and septage waste being drained onto the ground from the facility.
Follow up inspection of the site with the health department and confirmed the facility was not permitted or permittable. More land application of septage waste was observed and septage waste was found to have discharged into a body of water.

The suspect, a Montcalm County man, was charged with three counts of septage waste statutes. On February 22, 2022, the Montcalm County man pleaded guilty to count three, 324.11714 discharging septage waste into a body of water. Count one, constructing a receiving facility without a permit, and count two land application without a permit, were dismissed. The suspect was fined a total of $1575.