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Conservation Officer (CO) Zach Painter and Probationary Conservation Officer (PCO) Joshua Salas, while on patrol in Gogebic County, responded to a report of a vehicle stuck on a rural road near Marenisco. The COs located the vehicle and two subjects inside who stated they had been stuck for approximately two hours after attempting to find a waterfall in the area. The COs contacted a local towing company to remove the vehicle for them.

CO Jenni Hanson assisted in the instruction of an off-road vehicle (ORV) Safety Course at the Ewen-Trout Creek School. Michigan Trails and Recreation Alliance of Land and the Environment (MI-TRALE) hosted the course at the school for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.

COs Phil Helminen, Jared Ferguson, and PCOs Josh Salas and Jacob Daniel were observing fishing activity during the spring walleye runs in the Menominee River. CO Helminen and PCO Salas observed a group of anglers catching walleye and placing them on shore. The COs observed one individual take a walleye back to their vehicle and then return to continue fishing. The COs contacted the group as they were leaving and found them over the possession limit. One angler was found to also have no fishing license. Enforcement action was taken.

CO Jared Ferguson and PCO Jacob Daniel located a vehicle that matched the description of a vehicle that was reported for driving erratically. A stop was conducted and after investigation the driver was arrested for operating under the influence of drugs (OUID). The suspect was lodged in the Dickinson County jail.

CO Shannon Kritz received a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint that a foothold trap was found after the season was closed. CO Kritz patrolled to the area and located the foothold trap, which was still set. The trap had an identification tag and CO Kritz followed up with the trapper. The trapper told CO Kritz he had several foothold traps still set for coyotes on state land. When CO Kritz asked him when the coyote trapping season ended, he told her April 15th. CO Kritz informed the trapper that the season had been closed for over a month and that the end date was March 1st. Charges are pending at prosecutor’s office for trapping coyote during the closed season.

CO Jeremy Sergey was the first guest speaker at Marquette’s D.J. Jacobetti Home for Veterans in over two years. The facility had been closed for guest speakers since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. CO Sergey discussed different types of cases conservation officers investigate as well as answered several questions the veterans had about natural resource law enforcement.

CO Jeremy Sergey has conducted three ride-a-longs in the past two weeks. Ride-a-longs had been suspended during the Covid-19 pandemic but have recently been reinstated. CO Sergey is a District 1 Recruiter and fulfills numerous requests for ride-a-longs for potential CO hiring candidates

CO John Kamps and PCO Marc Mankowski checked a late season trapper parked along a trout stream in Marquette County. The trapper appeared a bit nervous and quickly put away several trapping items as he was approached by the COs. A thorough check of his trapping equipment discovered that several of the traps were not tagged with the owner’s information. The COs followed the trapper to several beaver sets he had placed out along the stream. These traps were untagged as well. A citation was issued for the violation.

CO John Kamps and PCO Marc Mankowski responded to a single automobile accident where the driver failed to stop at an intersection and went airborne after hitting the ditch. The driver was not wearing a seatbelt and had a laceration to her head from striking the windshield. Local emergency responders assisted the driver out of the vehicle, and she was transported safely to the hospital for further evaluation.


COs Chris Lynch, Steve Butzin, Rob Freeborn, Mike Evink, PCOs Todd Bunce, and Jackson Kelly successfully executed a search warrant without incident. The search warrant was to search a suspect’s truck believed to be containing evidence of a deer poaching that happened last deer season. A search of the truck turned up potential evidence that will be used in court at a later date. The investigation is ongoing.

CO Steve Butzin was conducting a follow up investigation from this past deer season when he encountered several wildlife violations. The investigation was regarding the loaning and borrowing of licenses. Further investigation found that one of the suspects had shot a 6-point buck without a license. A report has been submitted to the 94th District Court of Delta County.

CO Steve Butzin was on patrol in Delta County, looking for unlawful fishing activity during the walleye closure, when he had a pick-up truck pull out in front of him and begin traveling at a slow rate of speed. CO Butzin followed the pick-up and when it became apparent the operator was unable to keep their vehicle within the lane travel, a traffic stop was conducted. CO Chris Lynch arrived on scene shortly after to assist with the investigation. A preliminary breath test (PBT) test of the individual showed the subject was operating a motor vehicle with at nearly triple the legal limit. The operator was arrested and lodged at the Delta County Jail for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (OWI) 3rd offense, operating a motor vehicle on a restricted license in violation of restrictions, and operating a motor vehicle without insurance.

CO Andrea Dani, along with other COs, attended the Women in Law Enforcement Conference presented in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The COs and approximately 400 other sworn and civilian attendees from across the state and other states learned from stories of both women and men in leadership positions in law enforcement. Officers from several departments shared their stories of the difficulties they experienced in law enforcement and how they were able to become leaders for their teams, eventually working their way through the ranks in a male-dominated field. Attendees learned about maintaining mental and physical health, the importance of male mentors for females and female mentors for males, dealing with sexual harassment and sexism in the workplace, as well as advanced techniques in cold case sexual assault investigations.

CO Robert Freeborn and PCO Todd Bunce were on an ice fishing patrol in Schoolcraft County when they encountered an individual with an overlimit of bluegill. As the COs approached the angler, the individual began to throw fish back into the holes, but not before the COs were able to visually count more than the fisherman’s limit of 25. A citation was issued for the overlimit, and the fisherman was educated on the differences between possession and catch-and-release fishing. Upon checking a second fisherman nearby, another overlimit was discovered, and another citation was issued for the over-limit of bluegill.

CO Justin Vinson attended Ask the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) television show that aired in Marquette at Northern Michigan University. CO Vinson answered several questions that were called in by viewers of the show.

CO Cole VanOosten attended a Coffee and Conversation meeting led by the DNR Fisheries Division. CO VanOosten fielded several questions from members of the public regarding several recent regulation changes.


CO Andrea Albert and PCO Sydney Griffor responded to a complaint of a brush fire that had escaped and was burning across a field. While in route, the COs could see a huge plume of black smoke from miles away from the fire. The COs found the subject was not just burning brush, but also burning a large amount of garbage when the fire escaped and burned almost an acre of field before the fire department was able to extinguish the fire. Charges for allow fire to escape and illegal open burning were sent to the prosecutor’s office for review.

CO Andrea Albert and PCO Sydney Griffor received a littering complaint on state land in Charlevoix County from the RAP Hotline. The following day, the COs investigated the litter and discovered receipts and documents with the suspect’s name and date of birth amongst the trash spread throughout the field. The COs followed up with the receipt by viewing video footage from the business which showed the suspect on camera at the same date and time as the receipt. COs Duane Budreau and Griffor contacted the suspect who admitted to leaving the litter. The suspect was issued a civil infraction for littering on state land, a warning for failure to post a camp registration card, and warning for attempting to cut trees on state land.

CO Chad Baldwin responded to an escaped fire burning on property located in a rural part of Charlevoix County. CO Baldwin met up with the property owner, who was frantically attempting to untangle a garden hose at the back of the house. The wind was causing the fire to spread across an open grass garden and pasture area towards another residence about 100 yards away. CO Baldwin grabbed a rake and told the property owner to grab one as well and follow him out to where the fire was burning hottest and moving the fastest. Together the two were able to significantly knock the fire down, including saving multiple beehives filled with angry bees. The local fire department arrived on scene and was able to fully extinguish the fire before it was able to get any closer to the adjacent residence.

CO Adam LeClerc was contacted by the Arizona Department of Fish and Game to assist with a suspect who fled from Arizona to Michigan. The subject was located after over a month of searching for him. Following an interview, CO LeClerc and PCO Cheyanna Langworthy advised the suspect of five new resource related charges originating from the state of Arizona.

CO Tom Oberg was on patrol in Otsego County when he passed a section of the Au Sable River and noticed two individuals with fishing poles walking alongside the river and past several "No Trespassing" signs. CO Oberg parked his patrol vehicle and walked along the river to catch up to the subjects. CO Oberg observed both subjects now fishing in the river. CO Oberg contacted the two anglers and discovered that both subjects did not have permission to access the property. CO Oberg then explained that the stream they were fishing was a Type 1 stream and was closed to fishing until the last Saturday in April. CO Oberg requested to see both their fishing licenses, but only one subject had one. Tickets were issued to both anglers for fishing a closed stream, and verbal warnings were given for the other violations.

CO Tim Rosochacki responded to a grass fire in Emmet County. A subject was burning brush in an uncontained fire pit when grass nearby caught fire and began to spread. The fire burned approximately two acres of grass, mainly on a neighboring property. The subject was ticketed for failing to take precautions to prevent the spread of fire.

CO Tim Rosochacki responded to a complaint of a vehicle partially submerged along a flooded portion of a seasonal county road in the Pigeon River Country State Forest in Cheboygan County. The road runs through a beaver flooding and is frequently covered in water and the driver was unsuccessful in crossing it. CO Rosochacki arrived on scene and contacted the driver, who was very wet and extremely cold. CO Rosochacki had the driver stay warm in his patrol truck while awaiting a tow truck. Upon arrival of the tow truck, CO Rosochacki gave the subject a ride to meet someone to get him home.

In the middle of the night, CO Tim Rosochacki received a call from a Cheboygan County Sheriff's deputy who was responding to a complaint of a subject possibly lost in the Pigeon River Country State Forest. The complaint came from a third-party caller who was not from the area. The caller stated she received a message from her ex-husband stating his vehicle was disabled somewhere in the Pigeon River Country, and he was out of food and fearful of dying. CO Rosochacki headed to assist due to the terrain and unknown situation. After an hour, through the tremendous efforts of local dispatchers, contact was made with the reportedly missing subject. He was safe and at a friend's house in the Saginaw area. The friend had come to his aid the previous day.

CO Tim Rosochacki responded to a complaint of an injured snowy owl, reportedly hanging upside down in a tree. Upon arrival, the owl was determined to be a plastic grocery bag.

CO Sidney Collins was able to assist Skegemog Raptor Center with the release of a bald eagle. CO Collins was called to a vehicle accident back in October of 2021 after a vehicle hit the eagle. CO Collins found the bird on the side of the road, stunned. CO Collins realized the eagle could no longer take flight, so she chased it through the woods, wrapped it up in a blanket, and brought it to a rehabilitator. The eagle was determined to be blind in the left eye after the accident. The eagle was housed at the Skegemog Raptor Center rehabilitating for six months. The professional bird handlers worked with the eagle to get her flying and strong again, though worried she would not survive without the use of her eye. The six-year-old female eagle proved she was ready to be in the wild again. CO Collins was able to release the eagle back to Montmorency County.

CO Jon Sheppard received a tip from CO Jon Sklba that there were people trespassing on private property in order to spear fish in Clinton Creek.  CO Sheppard responded to the area and contacted a subject, as well as the landowner. The landowner stated that he had told the subject to leave his property and the subject refused. CO Sheppard advised him of the recreational trespass laws. The subject then said, “Well give me my ticket so I can get back to fishing.”  CO Sheppard advised the subject that if he entered onto the private property again and continued fishing, he would be physically arrested. CO Sheppard issued an appearance ticket for recreational trespass and the subject left the scene.

CO Jon Sheppard heard a complaint from Alpena Central Dispatch of a rollover car crash near the city of Alpena. All four occupants of the vehicle had run away from the crash. Three of the occupants were located at a nearby park and one had still not been located. Several minutes later, there was a report of the fourth suspect walking nearby. CO Sheppard checked the area and observed a person matching the description flag down a car. The car pulled into a parking lot and the suspect entered the passenger side of the vehicle. CO Sheppard initiated a traffic stop. Upon seeing the suspect, CO Sheppard noticed that the suspect appeared to be injured. CO Sheppard called for emergency medical services (EMS) to respond and secured the suspect until he could be checked out by medical personnel. The suspect was taken to the Alpena Hospital and was turned over to MSP troopers.

CO Paul Fox was on patrol near Millersburg when a call came out from local dispatch regarding a grass fire. CO Fox arrived on scene after local fire units secured the area. CO Fox, along with DNR fire personnel, investigated the scene and determined the sequence of events and starting point of the fire. The responsible property owner was contacted. The subject was burning a brush pile and let the fire go unattended for several minutes. When he returned, the fire had escaped into the grass. Fortunately, the fire stayed in a small area and the property owner was able to extinguish the fire. In addition to failing to prevent the spread of a fire, the subject was also burning unlawful material. The subject was educated on burning laws and issued a ticket.

CO Paul Fox attended the spring Upper Black River Advisory Council meeting. Various topics were discussed ranging from habitat improvement, biological data, access, and enforcement issues.

COs Paul Fox, CO Matt Theunick, and Corporal Nick Torsky attended the Northern Inland Lakes Citizens Fishery Advisory Committee. The COs gave activity and enforcement updates to the committee.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling in Montmorency County when he observed three quads operating on the shoulder of M 33 at a high rate of speed. CO Liestenfeltz then observed the quads turn down a back road, operating from shoulder-to-shoulder, still at a high rate of speed. CO Liestenfeltz stopped the quads and after speaking with the operators, CO Liestenfeltz observed signs of intoxication in one of them. The subject was arrested after failing standard field sobriety tests (SFST’s) and the PBT. The subject was lodged for OWI. The second operator had a warrant that he posted bond for and was released.

COs Sidney Collins and Dan Liestenfeltz presented to kindergarteners in Montmorency County. The COs presented their fur kit and had an opportunity to teach the class about the different animals in Michigan.

CO Jessie Curtis attended the Women in Law Enforcement Conference in Grand Rapids put on by the Michigan State Police (MSP).


COs Amanda Weaver and Patrick McManus were asked to assist the MSP canine and aviation units with on-water operations during an extensive search in Leelanau County. Family members reported a loved one missing, along with their vehicle. The vehicle was found abandoned near the Cedar River, with no other signs of the individual’s whereabouts. The COs and MSP units searched a large area over several days with no results. The case remains open at this time, and private search and rescue groups have begun to help with the search for the missing subject.

CO Jack Gorno was on patrol in Grand Traverse County and checked a local Type 1 stream, which is closed to fishing activity until the last Saturday in April. CO Gorno contacted three individuals fishing at the creek. All subjects were unaware of the closure and provided 2022 fishing licenses. Each subject was cited for fishing a closed stream, and one subject was arrested and transported to Kalkaska County on a valid warrant.

COs Richard Stowe, Jack Gorno, Amanda Weaver, and Sergeant (Sgt.) Dan Bigger responded to a successfully trapped bear in Benzie County. The bear, which had been a nuisance for several years, was finally trapped after its behavior became increasingly bold and posed a safety concern. The COs along with the DNR Wildlife Division, responded to the area to pick up and relocate the bear. The bear was successfully released without any injury to DNR staff or the bear.

CO Josiah Killingbeck, while on patrol, observed several ORVs illegally operating on a Consumer Energy right-of-way (ROW). The ORVs were able to get on a roadway prior to CO Killingbeck catching up to them. After several miles of high-speed operating and the ORVs operating side-by-side on the county roadway, CO Killingbeck was able to get two of the ORVs stopped. The subjects told CO Killingbeck that they had Secretary of State (SOS) legal ORVs with license plates so they could drive wherever they wanted to and did not have to follow ORV regulations. CO Killingbeck advised the subjects that since they were SOS plated, they must follow regular traffic regulations, which meant no fish tailing in corners, no driving side-by-side on the roadway, and that they still were not allowed to trespass on Consumer Energy ROW. One of the ORVs had off road tires on his “street legal ORV” and no proof of insurance. Both subjects were cited for operating a motor vehicle in a closed area. CO Killingbeck was able to locate the third ORV at a local restaurant and determined that this ORV was only titled as an ORV. A citation was issued for operating an ORV in a closed area. Warnings were given for the motor vehicle code violations and careless driving.

CO Josiah Killingbeck was sitting on a Consumers Energy ROW that has been having problems with ORVs trespassing. CO Killingbeck contacted an ORV that was trespassing on the utility ROW. The subject told CO Killingbeck that he had been driving this area for quite some time but has never looked at ORV regulations to know where he’s legally allowed to ride. The subject produced an identification card and advised CO Killingbeck that he had a suspended driver’s license. CO Killingbeck informed the subject that it was illegal to operate an ORV while suspended. The subject told CO Killingbeck that he was headed to a friend’s house to pick up a hay bale and he believed that for agriculture purposes he does not need to have a driver’s license. CO Killingbeck advised the subject that he was not on farmland and was trespassing on a utility ROW and, was operating while suspended. The subject was cited for the violations.

COs Josiah Killingbeck and Ryan Andrews responded to a report of a possible ORV rollover. CO Killingbeck located an ORV sitting in the middle of the roadway that had yellow flashing lights on the rear of the ORV. CO Killingbeck contacted the driver, and the driver was initially evasive in his answers to CO Killingbeck’s questions. The subject eventually confessed to rolling a different ORV, that a friend had already came and picked up. CO Killingbeck detected the odor of intoxicants coming from the subject. The operator failed sobrieties and was arrested for OWI. The subject was lodged in the Lake County Jail.

COs Angela Greenway and Josh Reed conducted a presentation for a hunter safety class at the Haymarsh Hunt Club. There were approximately 12 students in attendance.

CO Ben Shively and PCO Mark Reffitt worked a stream closed to fishing in Oceana County. The COs arrived at the stream and snuck in from the north and heard voices along the stream. Using their binoculars, they were able to observe two subjects along the stream and observed one of the subjects carrying a large spear. They put the spear down and worked downstream attempting to locate fish in the creek. The COs were able to cross the creek and quickly located the large spear laying along the creek. They setup behind a large tree and watched for the anglers to return. After about twenty minutes, the subjects were located walking back down the driveway. Contact was made and CO Shively recognized one of the potential suspects as revoked from fishing until 2024 and hunting until 2025. Both subjects stated they were just walking along the creek looking for fish. When questioned about the spear, both subjects denied any knowledge of the spear. Both subjects were cited for possession of a spear along a closed trout stream and one subject was cited for fishing while revoked. The nine foot eight inch spear was photographed and seized.

CO Tim Barboza located several muskrat traps, which were still set after the trapping season closed. One had a dead muskrat inside. CO Barboza pulled the traps and located the driver’s license number on the trap tags matching all six traps. CO Barboza identified a suspect, returned the traps, and conducted an interview. CO Barboza advised the trapper of the issues of the traps being set while the season was closed and finding a dead muskrat in one of the traps. This case is pending prosecutor review.

CO Micah Hintze and PCO Cody Bourgeois received a complaint early in March about a possible bear bait. The COs found and confirmed the early bear bait in the middle of a national forest in Oceana County. They set up surveillance on the bait site. After a few weeks, they discovered several suspects entering the area with bait. When suspects were identified, the COs set up an interview with them. The two suspects were interviewed separately and admitted to the early bear-baiting. The COs have written a report and have submitted the proper information to the court and are awaiting an arrest warrant for the suspects.


CO Casey Pullum and PCO Olivia Moeller noticed a vehicle stopped in the roadway in Oscoda County and offered assistance. After contacting the occupants, the COs observed signs of intoxication on the driver. PCO Moeller conducted SFSTs on the driver and administered a PBT. The PBT result was nearly twice the legal limit. PCO Moeller took the driver into custody and lodged him in the Oscoda County Jail for OWI.

CO Craig Neal was patrolling Standish Township in Arenac County checking the ditches for spawning pike when he noticed a colony type trap in the bottom of the ditch. Colony traps are used for trapping muskrats. The season for trapping muskrats closed March 1st. CO Neal pulled the colony trap out of the ditch to see if it was properly tagged by the trapper. The trap was tagged, and CO Neal was able to determine who it belonged to. CO Neal had checked that particular trapper in that area in recent years.  CO Neal stopped by the trapper’s house to discuss the illegal trap. CO Neal explained to the trapper the importance of remembering where he sets his traps so that they can all be pulled at the close of season. Charges have been submitted to Arenac County for trapping during the closed season.

CO Matthew Zultak was watching people fish at a local dam in Roscommon County. One of the anglers noticed CO Zultak and stepped away from the water. He put his rod down in the woods and pulled his car keys from his pocket. The angler began to walk back to his car. CO Zultak contacted him, just before he reached his vehicle. CO Zultak conducted a fish check and confirmed that the angler did not have a valid fishing license. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

CO Breanna Reed attended a Women in Law Enforcement Conference in Grand Rapids. The conference was designed to highlight firsts and inspire futures for individuals working in the law enforcement community. There were speakers from around the state and around the country. The conference brought together an estimate of 400 law enforcement professionals across the Great Lakes Region.

COs Breanna Reed and James Garrett were off-duty scouting state land for spring beaver trapping in Missaukee County when they observed four traps near a beaver dam. Upon inspection of the traps, the COs were unable to locate any identification tags. Later in the day, CO Reed was able to contact the trapper while checking his traps. The trapper did not have a fur harvesters license. Upon further investigation and a social media search, the trapper had taken several other animals without the proper licenses. COs Reed, Garrett, and Jeremy Cantrell reinterviewed the trapper at his residence. The trapper had multiple other violations, including taking beaver, otter, and coyote without a fur harvesters license as well as taking an 8-point buck with a compound bow in Newaygo County during the 2021 deer season. Charges are being sought through the Missaukee and Newaygo County Prosecutor’s Offices.


COs Dan Robinson, Jeremy Beavers, Adam Schiller, and PCO Michael Lator set up a dedicated group patrol at a problem shooting range in southern Montcalm County. The COs used covert observation and uniformed officers to address multiple issues and complaints in the area. Several tickets were issued for range violations and ORV violations in the area.

CO Adam Schiller responded to a complaint of violations at the Flat River State Game Area (SGA) range. The CO responded and observed four individuals violating range rules. After issuing the citations to the four individuals, the CO contacted three more individuals on the range and an additional citation was issued to the individual for misuse of the range.


CO Kyle McQueer was patrolling the Middleville SGA in Barry County on a trail that is closed to ORV use and observed an ORV and conducted a stop on it. While CO McQueer was on the stop, he observed six other ORVs approach from behind him. Four of the ORVs stopped and the last two backed up and fled down the trail. There were multiple violations among all the ORVs. A citation was issued for operating in a closed area and several verbal warnings were given for failing to register an ORV.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Allegan County and observed two anglers fishing Bear Creek, which is a closed Type 1 trout stream. The CO contacted both anglers and discovered they had six steelhead on three stringers spread out in various locations in the creek. After photographing and releasing all the fish, the CO issued citations to the anglers for fishing in a closed trout stream.

CO Carter Woodwyk was patrolling Allegan County near the Bravo Wildlife Refuge for illegal ORV activity when he observed two ORVs operating on a closed forest service trail. The CO activated his emergency lights and both ORVs fled. The CO apprehended one ORV operator when he became stuck and requested assistance from the sheriff’s department for the fleeing subject. While the CO was issuing the first operator multiple citations, he heard one of the deputies call out that he had the second operator detained. The CO arrived on scene where the second operator was located and issued him multiple citations including failure to stop for a peace officer.


CO John Byars responded to a call of a troubled subject in a park and ride lot. CO Byars assisted Ingham County sheriff’s deputies in contacting the subject. The person seemed to be highly intoxicated but cooperative. Due to his severe intoxication, EMS was called to the scene, and he was transported to the hospital for further evaluation.

COs Cullen Knoblauch and Thomas Jaakkola conducted a taxidermy check on a local taxidermist. During the conversation with the taxidermist, he stated that he was cited in 2008 for not keeping records. When asked to see records, the taxidermist stated he only kept records for two years after being cited and hasn’t kept records since 2010. The taxidermist was cited for not maintaining records.

CO Cullen Knoblauch conducted a deer processor inspection at a local business after the 2021 deer hunting season concluded. CO Knoblauch located a record of a buck being dropped off on October 23rd and the license was purchased on October 23rd in the afternoon. CO Knoblauch contacted the suspect who stated she only killed one doe during the 2021 season which contradicts the records from the processor. The female stated her husband was the one who shot the buck and asked her to go buy a tag for him to use so he could continue to hunt for a larger buck. The male suspect admitted to shooting three bucks during the 2021 season and using his wife’s tag for one. The case will be forwarded to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office for review.

CO Ed Rice responded to an ORV accident and, along with medical personnel, located a subject in the middle of the roadway. The individual was complaining of head and neck pain. CO Rice positioned his patrol truck to block a nearby intersection while medical personnel stabilized the man. CO Rice discovered through witnesses that the male was wearing a helmet at the time of the crash, but the helmet was dislodged as he was thrown from the ORV. In addition, the ORV landed on top of him. The individual was life-flighted to a nearby hospital for further evaluation.


CO Danielle Zubek received a complaint of an unlicensed charter boat advertising fishing charters for the Detroit River on Facebook. CO Zubek contacted SIU detectives to set up a charter with the suspect. Upon finishing a charter trip and returning, COs Zubek and Schaumburger questioned the suspect who admitted to taking money for the fishing trip and for advertising charters on Facebook. The individual ticketed for carrying passengers for hire without a license.

PCO Marissa Hassevoort and CO Justin Muehlhauser watched a group of anglers at the Hamilton Dam in downtown Flint. CO Muehlhauser observed a man walk over to the end of the fishing pier and pick up a plastic bag which was hiding under a pile of landscape fabric. The subject placed the bag inside his bucket and started back to his vehicle. The COs approached on foot and as they attempted to make contact, the subject hurried behind a structure and was out of sight for a split second. The COs contacted the subject who stated he didn’t have any fish. The COs looked behind the building and they located a plastic bag with a walleye in it that was still moving. The man admitted he threw it behind the building when he realized the COs were approaching. The subject was cited for taking/possessing walleye out of season.

CO Jaime Salisbury received a complaint of out of season crow hunting in Almont Township. CO Salisbury responded and observed a hunter shoot and kill multiple crows. CO Salisbury located six crows killed by the hunter and issued a citation for hunting crows out of season.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll was exiting northbound I-75 at Exit 9 when he observed a pickup truck that went off the roadway and was stuck in the ditch. CO Ingersoll contacted the driver who thought CO Ingersoll was there to pull him out. CO Ingersoll talked with the driver and observed blood shot eyes, pinpoint pupils, and smelled alcohol on his breath. While talking with the driver it was determined the driver had a loaded 9mm handgun on the floorboard of his truck and did not have a concealed pistol license. CO Ingersoll conducted SFSTs on the driver and administered a PBT with a .114 result. CO Ingersoll arrested the driver for concealing a pistol within a vehicle without the proper license, possessing a firearm while intoxicated, and for OWI. Charges will be sought through the Monroe County Prosecutor’s Office.

CO Nicholas Ingersoll checked two anglers at the DTE Hot Ponds who were having success. When checking the first angler, it was determined that he had a total of 16 Channel catfish. When checking the second angler it was determined that he had a total of 24 Channel catfish. The fish were seized, and they were cited for taking an over-limit of catfish.

CO Brandon Vacek was on patrol at Pointe Mouillee SGA when he observed two subjects using cast nets. The subjects were in possession of two pike, one undersized, both out of season, a carp, and a sheepshead. All the fish had been caught using the cast nets and neither subject had a valid fishing license. Citations were issued for possessing fish taken by illegal method and fishing without a license.


COs Eric Smither and Dan Walzak responded to a report of a motorcycle that had struck a pole on the east end of Belle Isle. The operator had lost control of the motorcycle, struck the curb and guard rail. The operator was alert and was transported by Detroit Fire and EMS to a hospital for treatment.

CO Eric Smither worked a Belle Isle B1 shift and assisted the MSP on a possible suicidal subject near Sunset Point. The individual was taken to hospital by Detroit EMS for evaluation.


Cpl. Brett DeLonge and Cpl. Tom Peterson worked with Conservation Officer Cole Vanoosten on the Carp River in District 2. The officers were focused on the smelt run. The Officers made numerous contacts as activity was high. The Officers contacted two separate parties with gross over limits of smelt. The first party contacted had two five-gallon buckets full, with an additional cooler filled to the top with smelt. The second group had 2 five-gallon buckets full of smelt. The daily limit of smelt is two gallons per person. The officers cited the individuals for violations, taking the over limits of fish and one for fishing without a license.