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Conservation Officer (CO) Byron Parks participated in a high school senior program held at the Ontonagon School. The program was developed to help show graduating seniors what sort of jobs and careers are available in the local area. There were 10 different jobs and or careers represented at the program, including the career as a Michigan conservation officer.

CO Jenni Hanson assisted the Gogebic County Sheriff’s Department with the call of an assault. A neighbor dispute turned physical when one neighbor charged another, grabbed the subject by her hair, and slammed her face into the ground. The parties were separated, and a report is being submitted to the prosecutor’s office.

CO Jenni Hanson was a guest presenter at Ontonagon County’s ‘Camp 9-11’. The Ontonagon Schools’ 5th grade classes took a field trip to learn about the different emergency departments in the area and see the tools they utilize. CO Hanson brought her ORV and discussed safety and the importance of helmets. Other agencies involved were the Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission, Michigan State Police (MSP) K-9, Sonco Ambulance, Ontonagon Fire Department, and more.

CO Alex VanWagner attended Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) training instructed by drug recognition experts from the MSP. The course is designed to train officers to observe, identify, and articulate signs of impairment related to various drugs to reduce the number of impaired drivers and traffic crashes related to impairment.

COs Phil Helminen, Alex VanWagner, and Sgt. Brian Bacon joined several Wisconsin Wardens on a kayaking event with students from Florence High School and Forest Park High School. Students were taught about different species of fish and the roles of Michigan conservation officers and Wisconsin wardens, along with being introduced to kayaking.  The students were then led out on kayaks on the Michigan and Wisconsin boundary waters of the Brule River. The COs talked with the students about the hiring process to those who were interested in a career with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

COs Phil Helminen and Jared Ferguson were conducting ORV patrols when they observed a vehicle without a registration plate drive past them. The COs conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was found to have an expired driver’s license and an outstanding warrant for his arrest out of Dickinson County Sheriff’s Office for a probation violation. The driver was arrested on the warrant and was transported by COs Alex VanWagner and Helminen to the Dickinson County Jail.

COs Jeremy Sergey and Andrea Dani conducted a joint training exercise on Lake Superior with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) in Marquette. The training will improve coordinated efforts in response to vessels in distress or search and rescue operations.

CO Jeremy Sergey investigated an incident in which an individual left trash at a campsite on state land. Mail with the suspect’s name and address was recovered from the litter. Later the same week, after the litter was discovered, the suspect was believed to have stolen property from a nearby landowner in which the MSP investigated. The suspect is currently lodged in the Marquette County Jail after stolen items were found in their possession.

CO Jeremy Sergey attended an open house/recruiting event at the Marquette USCG Station. The public was welcome to tour the facility and meet with various local law enforcement agencies. Each agency had a display for the pubic to view and ask questions.

CO Cody Smith conducted a marine and fish patrol on Keweenaw Bay. CO Smith utilized a new personal watercraft (PWC) for the patrol. One of the first vessels CO Smith located was found to be several lines over the legal limit. Upon contact, the anglers said they did not expect the PWC to be operated by a CO and admitted to having extra lines out on their boat. A citation was issued for fishing more than three lines per person.


CO Andrea Dani received a complaint of recreational trespass on a posted portion of the West Branch of the Whitefish River near Trenary. CO Dani patrolled to the area and located the pickup truck described by the complainant parked directly across the road from a gate with a No Trespassing sign. CO Dani followed multiple sets of boot tracks from the vehicle across the gravel road to and beyond the posted gate. She then encountered the anglers on their way out. The anglers admitted to walking past the posted gate and stated they did not know the property was “actually private.”  Enforcement action was taken.

CO Chris Lynch attended a week-long tactical tracking school at Fort Custer. The course taught various tracking techniques to assist COs in Search and Rescue efforts and criminal investigations / apprehensions.

CO Steve Butzin received an in-progress trespassing complaint in Ford River Township. CO Butzin was able to quickly respond to the area and waited for the suspect to again walk past the no trespassing signs. After a short while, contact was made with several anglers. A citation was issued for recreational trespassing.

CO Steve Butzin was on patrol in Ford River Township when he checked an angler who did not have a license. When CO Butzin asked the angler to produce a license, he stated he was in the military and produced a military identification card. Further investigation found that the angler was not in any branch of the military and the identification card was a civilian card used to enter on and off base. A citation was issued for fishing without a license.

CO Steve Butzin and Forest Resource Division (FRD) fire personnel gave a presentation of their job responsibilities to the local Girl Scout Troop 5252 from Escanaba. The girls got to see department issued equipment, got a tour of the office, and were able to use a fire hose. Several boxes of Girl Scout cookies were donated to the Escanaba Field Office staff from the Girl Scouts who thanked the department for the services they provide.

COs Cole VanOosten and PCO Mark Reffitt followed up on a complaint of a Canada goose gosling that was taken from the wild in Luce County. The COs arrived at the residence of an individual who had been posting videos and images of the goose on social media. Upon contact with the subject, she began yelling and swearing at the COs and refused to give her name or give up the gosling. The COs were eventually able to confirm that they had taken the baby goose two days earlier, the COs seized the animal and safely returned it to a family of wild geese in the area. A report is being submitted to the Luce County Prosecutor’s Office.

COs Todd Sumbera, Justin Vinson, Cole VanOosten, Brandon Maki, Stephen Butzin, Jacob Daniel, and Sgts. Calvin Smith and Mark Zitnik served a search warrant at a residence on Drummond Island for illegally possessed firearms. During the search, 23 firearms and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were seized and charges of felon possessing firearms are pending with the Chippewa County Prosecutor’s Office.


CO Duane Budreau along with PCO Jackson Kelly and COs Chad Baldwin, Paul Fox, Sydney Collins and PCO Cheyanna Langworthy participated in Northeast MiCareerQuest in Onaway. There were over 900 students from 22 different schools in northern Michigan.  The event was intended to provide students with exposure to different career opportunities. The participating COs talked with students about the job and allowed them to climb in and on various patrol vehicles such as a snowmobile, personal watercraft, side-by -side, four-wheeler, e-bike, patrol boat, and patrol truck. The students were also allowed to handle different furs as well as some small electronic tools that COs use as part of the job.

CO Nathan Beelman was enroute to a background interview when he overheard a call from central dispatch regarding a three-car accident with injuries. The call was nearby, and CO Beelman was the first officer on scene. CO Beelman assisted with stabilizing the injured and trapped person in one of the vehicles until emergency medical services (EMS) personnel arrived on scene. CO Beelman also assisted with traffic control while an accident investigation was conducted.

CO Nathan Beelman was traveling in the Lower Peninsula when he overheard radio traffic about a tornado touching down in Gaylord. CO Beelman arrived in the area approximately 45 minutes after the tornado touched down and assisted with securing residences and traffic control in the Gaylord area. Numerous citizens helped with food and water donations to the first responders and displaced people in the area. Numerous people also stopped CO Beelman and the other first responders and expressed how much they appreciated the help.

CO Kyle Cherry and Sgt. Mark DePew were checking anglers in Otsego County when both observed an adult male fishing from shore. They then noticed that as soon as another party member saw the COs, the adult male handed his pole to a young child who was standing next to him. After a brief discussion, the COs contacted the subject, who admitted to fishing without a license. The COs additionally discovered the subject had three warrants for his arrest. A ticket was issued for fishing without a license, and the male subject was arrested on one of the warrants.

CO Kyle Cherry and Otsego County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a personal injury accident in which a motorcycle rider had struck a deer. The rider had multiple breaks in one of his legs but was stable and transported by Otsego County EMS.

COs Tom Oberg and Jessica Curtis attended a weeklong tactical tracking course at Fort Custer in Battle Creek. Throughout the week, COs Oberg, Curtis, and other COs from across the state were trained on several types of tracking techniques and scenarios. This training provides COs with useful techniques in their jobs with tracking down suspects or lost individuals in the woods.

Twelve COs, within 10 minutes, responded to the Gaylord area where a category three tornado ripped through the City of Gaylord. COs assisted in locating injured or trapped victims and helped on road closures while utility and cleanup crews worked on the scene for the rest of the day and night and into the next day.

COs Tom Oberg, Chad Baldwin, and Sgt. Mark DePew appeared in the 87- A District Court for a bench trial. The trial stemmed from an elk hunting guide charged with the offense of hunting, pursuing, and/or chasing an elk with the use of a snowmobile that stemmed from the 2020 December elk hunt. The elk guide had used a snowmobile to chase a wounded elk that his hunter shot. The subject was found guilty of the offense.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling in Montmorency County when he observed a vehicle pass him in the other direction. When the vehicle passed him, he observed the front passenger throw a paper towel out the window and onto the roadway. CO Liestenfeltz initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. When CO Liestenfeltz contacted the subjects inside, he observed a passenger in the rear seat with an open half gallon of whiskey between their legs. CO Liestenfeltz issued the subject a ticket for open intoxicants in a motor vehicle. CO Liestenfeltz had the passenger go pick up the paper towel and a warning was given for the littering violation.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz responded to a single-vehicle rollover crash in Montmorency County. Upon arriving, he observed the vehicle upside down in the middle of the road. After making sure there were no injuries in the crash, CO Liestenfeltz began to investigate the scene. The driver stated that he had swerved to miss a deer, but there were no deer tracks in the dirt road and the vehicle’s tire tracks told a different story. After a continuous interview of the driver, it was determined that the driver was operating at an extremely high rate of speed and pulled the handbrake to drift around the corner.  The subject lost control causing the vehicle to crash into the embankment and roll onto the roof. CO Liestenfeltz issued the driver a ticket for no insurance and careless operation of a motor vehicle. 

CO Dan Liestenfeltz responded to a capsized boat complaint in Alpena County off Ossineke State Campground.  Upon arriving on scene, CO Liestenfeltz and MSP troopers contacted the subjects as they were making it to shore. The subjects did not have any injuries but were very cold and tired from getting to shore. CO Liestenfeltz spoke with the operator, and it was determined that a combination of exceptionally large waves, a very heavy motor that was too big for the boat and turning the boat into a wave at the wrong moment caused the boat to take on water, eventually causing it to capsize. The boat drifted much closer to shore and was removed by a tow company. No tickets were issued for the incident.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz was patrolling West Twin Lake when he drove past a fishing dock with a fishing pole attached to the dock and a spool of fishing line in a bush. After further investigation, CO Liestenfeltz observed that both lines had hooks on the end with fish attached. CO Liestenfeltz attempted to contact anyone at the house and nearby houses, but no one was around. After a little while, it was determined that the subjects that had set the lines left and went to a sand bar. The subjects came back to the scene and admitted to leaving the lines set hoping there would be fish on them when they got back from the sand bar. CO Liestenfeltz issued both subjects a ticket for unattended fishing lines.

CO Paul Fox put on a presentation at the Rogers City Tender Care, an assisted living facility for the elderly. CO Fox displayed furs from various animals and talked about wildlife with the residents.

CO Paul Fox spoke at the annual Sturgeon for Tomorrow field day, which took place on the Black River in Cheboygan County. CO Fox, along with DNR Fisheries staff, Michigan State University researchers, and various other fisheries professionals discussed the management and protection of sturgeon as well as showcasing the research that occurs on the spawning grounds of the Black River.

CO Paul Fox concluded two separate illegal deer cases that occurred in Presque Isle County. One involved the illegal take of an over-limit of bucks and the other involved the taking of a buck without a license.  Combined, the subjects were ordered to pay $4,500 in reimbursement, over $1,000 in fines and costs, and loss of hunting privileges for three years.

CO Jessie Curtis initiated a traffic stop in Alpena County on a vehicle that had driven through a stop sign, reversed, and then stopped at the stop sign. The driver was displaying other signs of intoxication, was non-compliant, and resisting. CO Curtis arrested the subject for operating under the influence (OUI) of controlled substances, and a report will be submitted to the prosecutor’s office for the other violations.

CO Sidney Collins and PCO Cheyanna Langworthy responded to the tornado aftermath in Gaylord. The COs assisted multiple agencies with clearing houses and making sure everyone in the area was accounted for. The COs patrolled the path of the tornado’s route starting in town and working their way into the rural area. The COs assisted with the city’s curfew, informing people to stay away from downed powerlines and fallen trees and stay in their homes after the storm.

CO Sidney Collins, Miranda VanCleave, and PCO Cheyanna Langworthy presented to the Girl Scouts’ group in Lewiston. The COs and Miranda presented the importance of noticing poisonous plants and ticks and what to do. The Girl Scouts were engaged by asking the COs and Miranda questions with reference to poison ivy and ticks.

CO Sidney Collins presented to Atlanta schools 7th grade class.  CO Collins met with the 7th grade class at the Atlanta Field Office where the class was shown several pieces of equipment and tools COs use in the field.


CO Patrick McManus assisted the National Park Service (NPS) Law Enforcement Division with investigating a small wildfire on NPS property near the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Leelanau County. CO McManus was able to locate the source of the fire on property adjacent to NPS land and assisted rangers with interviews and follow-up prosecution. Historically, the NPS and DNR-Law Enforcement Division (LED) work together on many different complaints each year and 2022 is proving to be no different.

CO Ben Shively was first on scene in Newaygo County on the report of a missing 82-year-old female with dementia who had possibly fallen into the Muskegon River.  CO Shively was able to coordinate with a neighbor, launch a boat, and check downstream as search crews showed up to check the land around the residence. After an hour and a half, the woman was located near her residence. She was unharmed and reunited with her family.

COs Ben Shively and Micah Hintze responded with DNR FRD fire personnel and the Hesperia Fire Department to a fire near federal land. A homeowner stated he was burning some paper and cardboard in a pit and the fire escaped into the woods. The homeowner was cited for allowing fire to escape control and warned for burning during a fire ban.

CO Tim Barboza responded to a domestic violence call that came out a few miles away where an intoxicated male had choked a female. CO Barboza responded to the scene, which he secured, and started to interview the parties until the Newaygo County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene to take over the investigation. The male was arrested and transported to the Newaygo County Jail.

CO Josh Reed responded to an illegal burn complaint where a small fire was burning in a backyard. CO Reed asked the property owner to show him what he was burning. CO Reed observed a small quantity of chopped up wood furniture burning in the pit. The property owner was questioned about the burn and the other household garbage accumulated around the house. The property owner advised he had just bought the property and was attempting to fix it up. The property owner advised he was getting a dumpster for the remaining trash but thought he could burn the wood items. CO Reed explained the laws regarding burning the household items. The property owner was cooperative and put the fire out in the backyard. The owner advised he would dispose of the other items the proper way. A warning was issued.

CO Zack Walters was contacted by Evart DNR FRD fire personnel about an individual burning a brush pile in the Sunrise Lake area. CO Walters responded and located the burn at a residence south of Sunrise Lake. CO Walters contacted three individuals at the residence. CO Walters ran all three individuals through the county dispatch, one of which came back with a felony warrant for a concealed pistol license (CPL) violation. CO Walters arrested that individual and transported them to Mt. Pleasant and transferred custody to the MSP. CO Walters issued a citation for burning during extreme fire danger to the owner of the property as there was no water or equipment readily available.


CO Kyle Bader swore to a two-count warrant in the 82nd District Court of Ogemaw County for a man who shot a turkey from his truck while still on the roadway.

CO Kyle Bader received a complaint in Ogemaw County of people illegally accessing a trout stream and lake by crossing private property to enter the stream. This stream and connected lake have generated multiple trespass complaints over the years. CO Bader responded to the area and contacted two men getting out of the river and loading their kayaks. When CO Bader explained that the men would be cited for trespassing, one of the anglers became irritated with him. The man took multiple pictures of the stream and road while CO Bader was filling out the citations. Then the man set his phone to record video and propped it on the back of his truck to record CO Bader’s actions. CO Bader explained the trespass citations and he also explained that the upset angler was being cited for fishing without a license, his had expired in March. After CO Bader explained the citations, the upset angler jumped in his truck, revved the engine, and took off down the road. When he did, his phone fell off the back of the truck and landed on the road. He stopped a quarter of a mile down the road. CO Bader saw the phone fall off, so he picked it up and returned it to the upset angler down the road.

CO Casey Pullum was patrolling Oscoda County when he witnessed a vehicle pass another, heading in his direction. In CO Pullum’s experience, the vehicle appeared to be traveling at a high rate of speed.  Utilizing a speed measurement device, he ascertained the vehicle was traveling at 96 miles per hour (mph). CO Pullum activated his emergency lights and attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The vehicle continued at a high rate of speed for a short distance and turned into a gas station parking lot. CO Pullum arrived at the gas station and noticed multiple bystanders pointing behind the store. CO Pullum could see a large dust cloud and continued behind the store and into a campground that is owned by the store. Multiple people camping in the campground were also pointing at the vehicle as it continued to travel around the campground loops. CO Pullum pulled into the loop where the vehicle was located. The driver stopped, exited his vehicle, and began walking away. CO Pullum verbally ordered the subject to stop and return to his car. The driver ignored CO Pullum’s orders and walked into a porta-potty and locked the door. CO Pullum knocked and ordered the subject out and obtained no response. Then he forced the door open to find the driver standing inside. He was physically removed from the porta-potty, and after a short investigation, CO Pullum determined the driver was operating while intoxicated. The driver was arrested for flee and elude, operating while intoxicated (OWI) and cited for speeding.

Sgt. Jon Wood patrolled through the House/Trout Lake State Forest Campground in Clare County. While in the campground, he drove past a campground dumpster just as a subject was unloading a truck full of garbage bags. The subject had a startled look on his face as Sgt. Wood made eye contact with him. Sgt. Wood turned his patrol truck around and met the subject just as he was driving away from the dumpster. The subject stopped as Sgt. Wood rolled his window down and asked him where he was coming from. The subject appeared nervous and simply stated, “Up here.”  When asked to be more specific, the subject hung his head and said he was not camping in the campground and that he was told he could dump his garbage in the campground dumpsters. There was a large wooden sign next to the dumpster stating that it was ‘For Campground Use Only.’  Further investigation revealed the subject had a statewide arrest warrant out of Emmet County. At the time, the Emmet County Jail was not willing to hold the subject. A ticket was issued for dumping his garbage in the campground dumpster. Sgt. Wood followed the subject back to the dumpster and had him pull his garbage back out of the dumpster and take it with him.

COs Josh Russell, Josh Wright and PCO Kevin Bunce patrolled the Muskegon River by jetboat during the busy holiday weekend. During their patrol, they checked numerous kayaks and canoes enjoying their float down the river. In addition, the COs checked numerous campsites along the river on state land. A couple of those campsites were in an area that does not allow camping. Citations were issued to those campers along with advice on where they could legally camp in the area. The COs received numerous positive comments about their enforcement efforts on the river.


COs Mike Haas, Josh Russell, and PCO Marissa Hassevoort contacted an illegal camp in the Au Sable State Forest in Midland County. The group had been living on the state land for weeks and had large amounts of garbage, household items, vehicles, and litter scattered around their campsite.   A citation was issued to an individual claiming responsibility and the group was given a timeline to clean up and leave the area.

CO Adam Schiller responded to a complaint of an individual who had taken a fawn from the wild and was raising it. Upon arrival, the female stated she knew why he was there and retrieved the fawn for the CO. A citation was written for possession of wild animal with no license.

CO Adam Schiller responded to a complaint of an illegal burn and found a large fire burning with a lot of black smoke. The CO located two subjects sitting in the back of a truck smoking marijuana and eating pizza. One of the individuals claimed ownership of the fire. Numerous illegal items were burning in the fire including tires and pieces of an old boat. A citation was written for the illegal disposal of solid waste.

CO Adam Beuthin responded to a complaint about an individual shooting a goose on a pond behind his house. The caller observed the individual shoot the goose with a rifle and leave it floating on the water. When interviewed, the suspect told the CO he was sick and tired of the geese leaving feces all over his back porch. A warrant request will be submitted to the Midland County Prosecutor’s Office for taking waterfowl out of season, use of non-toxic shot, and discharge a firearm within the safety zone.


PCO Cameron Wright and CO Sam Schluckbier patrolled Miner Lake where they saw a pontoon boat operating with no MC numbers or registration. The COs contacted the driver and were informed that it was a “new” pontoon and that the MC numbers would not stick on to the pontoon. The COs asked when the boat was purchased, and they were told that it was back in 2019. A citation was issued for failing to attach registration.

While patrolling back to Kalamazoo County after a Holland State Park patrol, CO James Nason stopped a vehicle on US 131 that was operating at speeds greater than 100 mph.  During the stop, CO Nason noticed that the subject’s rear passenger tire was completely flat. CO Nason assisted the man in changing his tire, then issued him multiple citations.

COs Jackie Miskovich and Anna Cullen were patrolling Lake Michigan, outside of Grand Haven, when they identified a boat that had seven fishing lines out, but only two people on board. CO Miskovich stopped the boat and CO Cullen collected the information from the individuals. It was found that they had eight lines out with only two individuals on board. A citation was issued for having an over-limit of lines.

While checking anglers at 6th St. Dam in Grand Rapids, CO Justin Ulberg encountered a few anglers at the fish cleaning station. The anglers indicated that they had good luck in the morning fishing for panfish. Further investigation revealed the anglers had too good of luck and were 10 blue gills over their limit and were in possession of an undersized bass.  One angler was issued a ticket for the violation.


Sgt. Jason J. Smith was enjoying the Memorial Day Holiday with a long bike ride through the Island Lake Recreational Area when he came across an argument in a parking lot with a lot of screaming and shoving. Sgt. Smith, along with park staff, were able to separate the individuals and calm everyone down and have them go their separate ways. The individuals were arguing over a parking spot.

COs Thomas Jaakkola and Cullen Knoblauch responded to an address in Calhoun County for a complaint about subjects having a fawn in their possession. COs Jaakkola and Knoblauch located the subjects at a residence in Marshall along with the fawn. The subjects stated they located the fawn on the roadway. They had the fawn for several days and had started to bottle feed it. CO Knoblauch contacted a rehabilitator out of Lansing who said they had room to take in the fawn. COs Jaakkola and Knoblauch talked with the subjects who stated they would be willing to take the fawn to the rehabilitator.

CO Chris Reynolds conducted a water safety presentation and introduced 25 students to several species of wildlife with his personal fur kit at Sharp Park Academy in Jackson.  The students enjoyed learning about the animals and asked several questions about the various species. The students shared stories and individual experiences with CO Reynolds. This was in collaboration with the camping and outdoor theme in the classroom.

CO Ed Rice and Indiana CO Todd Lang interviewed a suspect involved with the illegal removal of beaver dams and trapping beaver out of season. During the interview, the suspect changed his story multiple times and deflected conversation. CO Rice seized the suspect’s phone as evidence. A search warrant of the phone’s contents and report will be submitted to the Branch County Prosecutor’s Office seeking several wildlife conservation violations.


CO Nicholas Ingersoll assisted several agencies with a water rescue of a 13-year-old who had fallen into a quarry in Monroe County. CO Ingersoll and a fire department member jumped in and assisted the child with keeping his head above water. The two were able to hold the juvenile’s head and upper body out of the water, secure a PFD around him, and swim the juvenile to a spot where they could pull him into a boat. The juvenile was transported to the hospital for treatment.

CO Nick Ingersoll and PCO Cody Bourgeois were traveling on I-75 when a vehicle passed them at a high rate of speed, carelessly changing lanes. The officers stopped the vehicle, and the driver was hostile and would not obey any commands that were given, nor would he identify himself. Furthermore, the COs noticed two young children in the vehicle. The driver’s license was suspended, and he showed signs of being intoxicated. The driver was arrested for OUI and child endangerment. He was lodged at Monroe County Jail.

CO Nick Ingersoll and PCO Cody Bourgeois received a call about a boat that was sinking in Lake Erie. The boat was smashing against a concrete seawall and taking on water. All the passengers were accounted for and on land. The COs moved the boat to a nearby dock, preventing it from sinking further. Tow Boat USA came to retrieve the vessel and the family was able to secure a ride to pick up their boat.

Sgt. Shane Webster and CO Eric Smither were the first on scene for a report of a subject who had gone under water on Devils Lake and did not resurface. The man had been attempting to climb onto a tube with his daughter when the tube flipped. He was not wearing a PFD. Sgt. Webster and CO Smither performed a search of the area, noting the water was 30 to 40 feet deep in the location. They were able to drop several GPS markers which assisted in the recovery efforts. The body was recovered by Lenawee County Sheriff’s Office dive team members after a positive side-scan sonar location from MSP’s team.

CO David Schaumburger attended Radar/Lidar training class during the week. On his next patrol at Belle Isle, he put his newly learned skills to work and wrote nine speeding tickets. The nine tickets were all issued for speeding in a 25-mph zone and the speeds were 61, 62, 63, 77, 72, 81, 62, 78, and 60.  All drivers were issued citations.