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2021-2027 Public Land Strategy

Dedicated project boundaries

One such tool used by the DNR to help guide the consolidation of DNR-managed land and focus ownership and future acquisition and disposition in priority areas is dedicated project boundaries. The dedicated project boundaries encompass state forests, state game areas and wildlife areas, and state park and recreation areas. The project boundaries include both current DNR-managed public lands as well as privately owned lands that may be a priority for the DNR to acquire in the future if the property becomes available. Consolidation of DNR-managed public lands is especially important to improve efficiency in land management, establish recognizable ownership boundaries, and reduce the likelihood of private encroachment.

Dedicated project boundaries do not encompass state trails, DNR facilities, boating access sites and public water access sites, all of which are also a priority for public ownership. Additionally, lands outside of the dedicated project boundaries may be acquired, as needed, to fulfill the DNR's mission. The dedicated project boundaries, last updated in 2020, are periodically reviewed and updated to reflect changing priorities and land ownership patterns such as land subdivision and development (see Appendix H). 

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