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2021-2027 Public Land Strategy

What's next

Michigan has unparalleled public lands, managed for a variety of goals that protect natural and cultural resources, provide outdoor recreation and promote sustainable management that benefit people, communities and the economy. Careful stewardship of these resources has resulted in the lands and facilities people enjoy today. As new users turn to outdoor spaces for the recreation and health benefits they provide, our public lands must be ready to welcome them. These new users will not only shape management priorities today but will become the stewards of our natural resources in the future.

During its planning, the department will adapt and implement strategies to respond to changes and threats to Michigan's public lands. DNR facilities and infrastructure, such as harbors, trails and campgrounds, must remain resilient in a changing climate including high lake levels and more frequent storm events. State forests, grasslands and wetlands must remain protected from invasive species, which destroy and degrade natural communities. And as the nation takes stock of its natural assets, DNR-managed public lands are poised to contribute toward initiatives such as "30x30" - an effort to conserve at least 30% of land and ocean in the U.S. by 2030. The department will continue to provide natural solutions to a changing climate, while providing habitat for wildlife and working forests that benefit our economy.

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