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Turkey Tracts

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Turkey Tracts are designed to highlight public hunting areas where intensive habitat management for turkeys has been conducted. Management practices include timber harvest, selective use of herbicides, invasive species treatment and removal, and prescribed fire.

A large kiosk, giving hunters area information and local business discounts, are at each Turkey Tract site. Surrounding businesses provide a discount when hunters take a "selfie" with the kiosk and show it at the business.  

"Turkey Tracts are designed to promote and highlight public access to quality turkey hunting, educate the public of ongoing habitat management and the impacts on wildlife and people, and build a connection with the users of these Turkey Tracts and local community businesses."  - Ryan Boyer, Biologist for the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Wild turkeys are found in all 68 counties of the Lower Peninsula and most counties in the Upper Peninsula, where the species has continued to expand its range. In 1977, only 400 turkeys were taken during the Michigan hunting season. However, by 2014, annual numbers of turkeys taken had reached 30,000 birds. Michigan is now ranked eighth in the nation for the number of turkeys taken by hunters.

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