Mortuary Science Courtesy License

Effective September 26, 2013, the department may issue a courtesy license to engage in the practice of mortuary science to an individual if the department determines that all of the following are met:

(a) The individual holds a valid license to practice mortuary science, funeral directing, or another occupation that is the equivalent of the practice of mortuary science or funeral directing, issued by the state of Indiana, Ohio, or Wisconsin.
(b) The state that issued the license described in subdivision (a) by law provides individuals licensed under this article substantially the same opportunity to practice in that state as its licensees are authorized to practice in this state under this section.

A courtesy license is valid for 2 years, beginning on the date it is issued or renewed. An individual who holds a courtesy license may do any of the following:
(a) Remove a dead human body from the place of death in this state.
(b) Register with a local registrar under section 1807.
(c) Subject to section 1807, transport a dead human body to or from the state in which he or she is licensed.
(d) Subject to section 1807, supervise the final disposition in this state of the human body of an individual who died in the state in which he or she is licensed.

An individual who holds only a courtesy license shall not do any of the following in this state:
(a) Operate a funeral establishment.
(b) Engage in the practice of embalming.
(c) Advertise mortuary science, funeral directing, or cremation services.
(d) Directly or indirectly own, manage, operate, maintain, or be employed by a cemetery or crematory or engage in any similar activity for which registration is required under the Cemetery Regulation Act, 1968 PA 251, MCL 456.521 to 456.543.
(e) Violate section 1810.

To obtain a courtesy license, an individual must complete an Application for a Mortuary Science Courtesy License and submit it to the address on the form, along with the required $405.00 fee.