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Administrative Rules

Pursuant to MOAHR Administrative Hearing Standard 2024-1, administrative proceedings will by default be conducted remotely, unless: (i) an administrative law judge or hearing officer determines in their discretion that all or part of a proceeding should be in person or (ii) a party submits a written request demonstrating good cause for why all or part of the proceeding should be in person and the administrative law judge or hearing officer finds the request should be granted because of accessibility limitations, specific evidentiary issues, or other unique circumstances. To further assist remote hearing participants, MOAHR has developed a Standards and Guidelines for Remote Hearings manual. This manual contains useful information and best practices relevant to the conduct of remote hearings for all practice areas within MOAHR, except for the Corrections area.

The Administrative Rules Division is charged with overseeing the administrative rulemaking process for each department in the State of Michigan.

You may filter your search for administrative rules by a department name and, if desired, then a bureau. The Michigan Administrative Code can be filtered by ruleset numbers or range numbers. 

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