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MI Prevention

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MI Prevention

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Family Fire Safety Goals

MI Prevention

MI Prevention will provide a data driven Community Risk Reduction (CRR) statewide outreach to identify, prioritize, and address all hazard risks.  MI Prevention is meant to inspire and stimulate conversation between a diverse coalition of state partners, and to assist communities towards their own CRR and personal Statewide Collaboration and Engagement Framework (SCEF) with a mutually beneficial goal to create safe, healthy, and resilient communities.

Our mission is to provide sustainable community risk reduction programs to minimize fire deaths, injuries, and property loss within the state of Michigan. We will achieve our goals by fostering collaborative relationships, implementing education programs, establish data and analytics and develop more strategic community outreach.  To provide consistent and accurate educational programs for communities, schools, and the fire service to create safe, healthy, and resilient communities.

Our data driven approach will be used to identify population risks and implement SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-based) goals to address the specific challenges that each community faces.  Through the data established and documented since 2018 we can see trends that gives us more insight into our fatal fire issues. The #1 cause of fatal fires is smoking, and those most at risk include Michigan citizens over the age of 40.  We also know that most fires originated in the living room with the victims being found within inches of the front door and more fires occur within the hours of 6pm and 6am. Through these fire fatalities and with our smoke alarm home installations we are finding that most homes do not have working smoke alarms.

Our trends are validating that we need to improve education on fire behavior, find new and improved ways of educating on the need of escape plans and get more working smoke alarms into homes.

The State Fire Marshal and MI Prevention, thanks all participants in the statewide smoke alarm and CO detector installation program. With the help of organizations and fire departments across the state, we are hopeful that we will achieve our goal to reduce the number of structure fires statewide, and thereby protecting the health and safety of our citizens and firefighters. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to keep our communities safe.

For questions or assistance regarding MI Prevention, please contact:

Kymberly Pashkowsky
MI Prevention CRR Division Chief
Phone: 616-250-4147

Who We Are

MI Prevention’s collaboration with all 5 Fire Organizations, over 600 Fire Departments, and 350 community organizations has helped make the State of Michigan residents safer in their communities. 

Check out our Fire Stats and data dashboard to see what is happening in your community.

Smoke Alarms & CO Detectors

Please visit the link below for information on having smoke alarms and CO detectors installed in your home.

Smoke Alarms & CO Detectors

Fire Department and Organization Resources

Fire Dept

MI Prevention program resources for Michigan Fire Departments and Organizations.

Fire Department and Organization Resources

Top 4 MI Prevention Fire Department Resources

MI Prevention Fire Department Application

MI Prevention App for Fire Departments

Fire Departments, use this app to request alarms, enter your installations, report fatal fires, get access to your SMOKE account and much more….

National Firefighter Registry for Cancer logo

National Firefighter Registry for Cancer

All firefighters – paid or volunteer, active or retired, with or without cancer – can sign up for the National Firefighter Registry (NFR) for Cancer on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Sound Off with the Home Fire Safety Patrol

Sound Off - Firefighter and Team Resources

This microsite is designed for fire department safety educators who are implementing the Sound Off with the Home Fire Safety Patrol educational program in their communities.

When Youth Fire Setting is Prevented

Youth Fire Setting Prevention and Intervention Form

Want to keep up to date on new Youth Fire Setter programs, interventions, events and state collaborations, fill out this form to be added to the email list, Thank you.

Educator Resources

Classroom with empty desks

Educators are vital in the efforts for fire safety. The Mi Prevention team has provided a collection of resources to assist educators both inside and outside the classroom. Below you will find the popular resources or you can visit the MI Prevention Educators Resources page with all available resources here:

MI Prevention Educator Resources

For additional education resources. Please visit the Fire Department and Organizational Resources page here:

Fire Department and Organization Resources

Top 4 MI Prevention Educator Resources

Home Safety Visit App

Home Safety Visits App

Available in seven languages, the Home Safety Visits App provides a series of brief videos that can be shown when doing home safety visits and focuses on Cooking, Heating, Smoke alarms and Speed of fire.

Sound Off Safety App

The Sound Off Safety App

The Sound Off Safety App includes three games designed to help keep families safe. Click the link or image for more information or to download the app.

Intended for:  Elementary (Grade 2 and up)
Subject Area: Health & Safety, Math, Language Arts

MI Prevention Logo

MIP Michiganders Fire Safety App

This app has fire safety information for Michiganders.

Join the Home Fire Safety Patrol

Sound off for Families

Let the Home Fire Safety Patrol help your child learn how smoke alarms help families stay safe from home fire. Click the image or link for all of the available resources.

Fire Safe Michigander Resources

person helping elderly woman with walker through doorway

This section contains valuable fire safety and prevention resources for Michiganders. The most commonly requested resources are listed below. Additional resources can be found here:

MI Prevention Fire Safety Tips

Youth firesetting prevention information and resources can be found here:

Youth Firesetting Prevention

Top 4 MI Prevention Fire Safe Resources

After the Fire, image of fire truck

After the Fire

A fire will change your life in many ways and knowing where to begin and who can help you is important. MI Prevention and the Fire Department hopes you find this information useful.

Thumbnail image of the create a fire escape plan document

Create a Fire Escape Plan

Use our document for help creating an effective fire escape plan.

MI Prevention Logo

MIP Michigander Fire Safety App

This app has fire safety information for Michiganders.

Home Safety Checklist

Home Safety Checklist

Checklist and Tips to help keep you safe incase of a fire.

Youth Fire-Setting Prevention

Please visit the YFS page for all resources and information related to youth fire-setting prevention.

Youth Fire-Setting Prevention


Want to be a committee member? Please fill out and submit the form below for registration.

YFS Committee Registration Form


The YFS Committee's operational plan and meeting notes can be found below.

YFS Committee Operational Plan

YFS Committee Meeting Notes

MI Prevention Trainings & Classes

The link below contains information on trainings, classes, webinars and more for both firefighters and Michiganders.

MIP Trainings & Classes

MI Prevention Data & Statistics

The MI Prevention Data & Statistics page (formerly Fatal Fire Statistics) is currently under development. The previous Fatal Fire Statistics page is still available until the new page is completed.

Need a Speaker or Media Request?

Need a Story? 

MI Prevention and the State Fire Marshal is always available for comments, interviews, and sound bites towards topics of Fires, Fire Prevention, Community Risk Reduction, Carbon Monoxide, and fire behavior.

Need a Speaker?

MI Prevention and the State Fire Marshal are available to speak on a wide variety of topics for your organization. We have programs available to fill a 10 min slot to an entire day towards community risk reduction and strategic planning for your organization.

MI Prevention Partnership Form


Kymberly Pashkowsky
MI Prevention CRR Division Chief
Phone: 616-250-4147

MI Prevention Team Photo