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The Bureau of Community and Health Systems (BCHS) accepts and processes complaints against various state licensed facilities. The bureau has no authority to investigate complaints against individual health professionals or billing disputes.

Special Note: Any supporting materials, such as photographs or audio/video recordings, submitted by a complainant may only be considered when produced, disseminated, or obtained in a lawful manner. BCHS may not use material submitted if there is no evidentiary value or if it is unlawful for further use or dissemination. As an example, Michigan’s eavesdropping statute (MCL 750.539a-750.539i) makes it a crime if certain material was unlawfully produced or disseminated. BCHS cannot provide legal advice or interpretation of statutory provisions that may affect use of material submitted to support a complaint. If it is apparent  that the materials were produced, disseminated, or obtained in an unlawful manner, BCHS reserves the right to not consider the submitted materials. 

Other Complaint Related Resources

Michigan Department of Attorney General
Consumer Protection
Phone: 877-765-8388

Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
Complaints against licensed health professionals (physicians, nurses, etc.)
Phone: 517-241-0205

Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services
Complaints related to insurance coverage 
Phone: 877-999-6442

U.S. Department of Labor
Complaints related to fair labor standards
Nursing Care Facilities Under the Fair Labor Standards Act: