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Health Care Providers

Bureau of Community and Health Systems - Providers

The Bureau of Community and Health Systems performs state licensing and federal certification regulatory duties as required by state and federal laws. The bureau programs are designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of individuals receiving care and services through various covered licensed/certified provider types. Activities include issuance of state licenses and construction permits, routine inspections, complaint investigations, enforcement of state and federal requirements, and a host of other regulatory activities. The bureau covers more than 20 various provider types.

The following link is to be used by health care facilities and agencies for reporting fires, fire watches, and emergent events lasting more than 6 hours, such as natural disasters, outside/external threats, and critical lack of staff: Fire Watch and Emergent Event Reporting System. (This excludes adult foster care homes, adult foster care and child camps, child care homes and centers, and homes for the aged.) 

The Bureau is pleased to provide a new feature through GovDelivery which allows you to sign up for announcements and alerts from the Bureau of Community and Health Systems by specific provider types. Your information will not be shared.

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