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Qualified Interpreter

Michigan Qualified Interpreter Program

The Qualified Interpreter (QI) Program—Certifies qualified American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters for Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing.  The QI Program processes applications for sign language interpreters such as: TEP & BEI exams, initial certification, and renewals. 
The Michigan accepted certification credentials are: RID – National Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf; Michigan (BEI) Interpreter Credential — Levels 1 (Basic), 2 (Advanced), and 3 (Master); and EIPA — Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment.

Board of Interpreters for Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing  (View Board Member information here)

Upcoming Board Meeting 2/14/24  (In-person)

Recording of the Board Meeting held on 10/25/23

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Renew Your Certification

  • Renewal Application
  • Renewal Visual Calendar Graphic RID & EIPA
  • Renewal Reminder & FAQs
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    • The Michigan Qualified Interpreter Program is diligently working to review and process applications as they are received. We will reach out to you if additional information is needed.  Please check MOIS for updates.  Once processed your certificate will be sent via U.S. mail.  If you submitted a renewal application with the appropriate documentation and fee payment, a certified interpreter may continue to work temporarily with an expired listing while the department processes your application. The expired listing will appear temporarily in MOIS during the periods outlined below.

      If a renewal application is not postmarked on or before the due date of June 30th or the annual BEI certificate expiration due date a $15 late fee will be applied.  A qualified interpreter with an EIPA or RID credential who fails to submit a renewal within 45 calendar days must pay a reinstatement fee.  A qualified interpreter with a BEI credential who allows it to lapse must retest and pay the examination fee for reinstatement unless the fully completed renewal is submitted within 90 calendar days following the date the credential expired.