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LARA Bureaus

Professional Licensing

Includes the Enforcement Division, Licensing Division, and Investigations & Inspections Division. BPL is responsible for licensing and regulating over 700,000 individuals who are regulated by either the Michigan Occupational Code or the Public Health Code. BPL is also responsible for maintaining the Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP), and the Michigan Automated Prescription System (MAPS).

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Construction Codes

Administers the Construction Code Act, the Building Officials Registration Act, electrical, mechanical and plumbing licensing laws, as well as the boiler, elevator, and manufactured housing programs. The bureau also ensures an orderly and consistent review of subdivision plats and administers the statewide program of monumenting and remonumenting the original US government public land survey property. The State Boundary Commission within the bureau is responsible for adjudicating many types of municipal boundary adjustments.

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Fire Services

Serves the training needs of Michigan firefighters; reviews plans, and inspects state-regulated facilities for fire and life safety.

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Child Care Licensing Bureau

The Child Care Licensing Bureau performs state licensing regulatory duties as required by state laws and federal requirements. The bureau program is designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of children receiving care and services in licensed child care settings. Activities include issuance of state licenses, routine inspections, complaint investigations, enforcement of state and federal requirements, and a host of other regulatory activities.

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Community and Health Systems

Performs state licensing and federal certification regulatory duties as required by state and federal laws. The bureau programs are designed to protect the health, safety and welfare of individuals receiving care and services through various covered licensed/certified provider types. Activities include issuance of state licenses and construction permits, routine inspections, complaint investigations, enforcement of state and federal requirements, and a host of other regulatory activities. The bureau covers more than 20 various provider types.

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Cannabis Regulatory Agency

Oversees cannabis in Michigan. CRA regulates the state's cannabis facilities and licensees, including growers, processors, transporters, provisioning centers, safety compliance facilities, and hemp processors. The bureau also oversees the state's patient registry program and administers the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act.

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Corporations, Securities, and Commercial Licensing

Performs the public facing duties of helping to grow business activity in Michigan through the Corporations Division, and by protecting the health, welfare, and safety of Michigan citizens through regulatory and licensing functions of the Securities & Audit and Commercial Licensing divisions. Also, within the Bureau's administration are centralized bureau functions such as IT & web development, budget, finance, and imaging.

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Liquor Control Commission

Regulates the availability of alcoholic beverages for consumption while protecting the consumer and general public through regulation of the related industries.

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Michigan Indigent Defense Commission

Works to ensure the state's public defense system is fair, cost-effective and constitutional while simultaneously protecting public safety and accountability.

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Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules

The Michigan Office of Administrative Hearings and Rules (MOAHR), created by EO 2019-06 and modified by EO 2019-13, is a Type I agency within the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

MOAHR includes a centralized administrative hearing system with several divisions of administrative law judges, the Michigan Tax Tribunal, and the office that oversees administrative rulemaking for all state departments.

With offices located in Lansing, Detroit, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, and Traverse City, MOAHR's organizational mission is to conduct administrative hearings and aid in the promulgation of rules, providing a timely, professional, sound, impartial and respectful process consistent with all legal requirements.

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Michigan Public Service Commission

Administers policies and regulations to protect the public by ensuring safe, reliable, and accessible energy and telecommunications services at reasonable rates for Michigan's residents.

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Unarmed Combat Commission

The Unarmed Combat Commission (UCC) PA 403 of 2004, as amended, was created to regulate professional boxing and mixed martial arts.

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