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LARA Career Opportunities

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LARA Career Opportunities


At LARA, your work experience will go beyond your earnings and your benefits; you’ll be able to take pride in being a respected part of a team that is creating lasting value for the people of Michigan. Our workforce’s core values of public service, transparency, accessibility, and responsibility inform everything we do here at LARA. As we strive to protect people and promote business in Michigan, the LARA team improves the lives of Michigan residents through an engaged and inclusive workforce. We’d love to have you join us.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs is committed to developing and maintaining an employment experience that values diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are committed to nurturing an environment where all are treated with dignity and respect. The diversity of our state is reflected in our workforce. This provides us the benefit of a myriad of perspectives, appreciation for all cultures, and a better ability to serve the people of Michigan.

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  • Annual (Vacation) Leave

    A career employee in the classified service is credited with 4 hours of annual leave time off for each completed 80 hours of service. After one year (2080 work hours) of service, annual leave is accumulated at a higher amount. The below chart indicates the accumulation granted for completion of 80 hours each pay period (a prorated amount is given if an employee worked less than 80 hours). It also indicates the increase of annual leave accumulation when the indicated years of service hours are met:

    Service Years Accrued Per 80 Hours
    < 1 4.0 hours
    1 - 5 4.7 hours
    5 - 10 5.3 hours
    10 - 15 5.9 hours
    15 - 20 6.5 hours
    20 - 25 7.1 hours
    25 - 30 7.7 hours
    30 - 35 8.4 hours
    35 -40 9.0 hours
    40 -45 9.6 hours
    > 45 10.2 hours

    Sick Leave

    A career employee in the classified service is credited with 4 hours of sick leave with pay for each completed 80 hours of service. An employee paid for less than 80 hours in a biweekly pay period is entitled to a prorated amount of sick leave. Paid service in excess of 80 hours in a biweekly pay period is not counted

    Service Years Accrued per 80 hours
    ALL 4.0 hours


    A career employee who is expected to complete, or has completed, the equivalent of 6 years (12,480 hours) or more of continuous classified service in a fiscal year is eligible for an annual longevity payment on October 1 of that fiscal year:

    Years of Service Longevity Payment
    6 - 9 $260
    10 - 13 $300
    14 - 17 $370
    18 - 21 $480
    22 - 25 $610
    26 - 29 $790
    >= 30 $1,040

    Personal Leave Grant

    On October 1 of each year, career employees with at least 1,040 hours of continuous satisfactory service are credited with personal leave. A full-time employee receives 16 hours. A less than full-time employee receives a prorated amount based on the average hours in pay status. These leave hours are credited to an employee’s annual leave balance.

    School And Community Participation Leave

    Each year, career employees who have completed 1,040 hours of satisfactory service are credited with 8 hours of school and community participation leave in accordance with the following provisions:

    1. An employee may use the leave to participate in any school sponsored activity including, but not limited to, tutoring, field trips, classroom programs, school committees, assisting with athletic or music programs, theater and school clubs. The leave may also be used for active participation in any structured secular community activity sponsored by a governmental agency, or a non-profit community organization or agency, and not for mere attendance at school or community events.
    2. School and community participation leave may be used only in increments of one hour, and only for qualifying events occurring during an employee’s scheduled work time.
    3. An employee must obtain prior approval to use school and community participation leave.
    4. School and community participation leave is credited to employees on each October 1 and will not carry forward beyond the fiscal year.

    Paid Parental Leave

    Eligible employees are permitted up to 12 weeks of paid leave immediately following birth or placement for adoption of the employee's child. This paid parental leave will run concurrent with any other leave entitlements attributable to the birth or adoption, including FMLA and unpaid parental leave.

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Veteran Resources

The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has great diversity of licenses and regulation within its oversight. Our LARA Veteran Liaisons may be able to help you navigate through the process and programs within our Department. This is an initiative offered to veterans to receive assistance getting to the appropriate area under LARA’s authority by speaking to a LARA employee who is also a veteran.

Upon contacting the Department, you can request to speak with a LARA Veteran Liaison. Based on up-front information provided, you will be directed to an appropriate liaison.

Resources for Veterans