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Occupational License Disciplinary Action Reports

Pursuant to the Michigan Occupational Code, ACT 299 of 1980, as amended, it is required to publish any final order of the board and the date it was issued.

To comply with this requirement, the Enforcement Division in the Bureau of Professional Licensing frequently publishes a Disciplinary Action Report (DAR). The DAR lists the disciplinary actions taken against health and occupational licensees who are licensed and regulated by the various health and occupational boards within the Licensing Division. The report also includes updated information regarding licensees who have appealed the Board's action to a higher court. The report includes the names of the licensee, their professional license number, the type of disciplinary action taken, the effective date of the action and the general nature of the complaint.

To search the DAR for a specific Order issued against a licensee, you will need to know the date the Order was issued. To obtain this information, visit our license verification webpage, and input the licensee's name and profession or license number.  Once the licensee's name appears, click on the name to bring up disciplinary information on this licensee if the Enforcement Action field contains a "Yes."  If the Disciplinary Action field is blank, there is no completed disciplinary action. If the Disciplinary Action field contains information, refer to the "Date of Action" to locate the Order in the DAR.  If the status of a complaint is "Open", it will not appear in a DAR.  Select the Fiscal Year corresponding with the "Date of Action", and then the corresponding month.  A fiscal year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th of the following year.  Within the report, you may select "Edit", and then "Find", to search for a specific licensee's name or licensee number.  Discipline taken against a prior or different license will only appear under the other license. A search by name and occupation will disclose if the person had discipline under another license.

Effective November 2015, if there are final orders issued a Disciplinary Action Report will be published and listed within 30 days from issuance and will be titled based on the week the final orders are served.  For searching final orders published prior to November 2015 use the instructions in the paragraph above.  To obtain a copy of administrative documents pertaining to a specific profession or to obtain copies of previous Disciplinary Action Reports write to: Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, c/o FOIA Coordinator, PO Box 30004, Lansing, MI 48909. You may also request a copy by emailing or fax to 517-335-4037.


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