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Field Services

BFS Field Services Inspection Division


The Field Services Division seeks to assure maintenance of fire safe conditions in state-regulated facilities through the inspection of all new construction, additions or renovations of existing facilities as well as annual inspections as required by licensing agreements. State-regulated facilities include: Adult foster Care Homes, Homes for the Aged, Hospitals, Free-Standing Outpatient Facilities, Penal Facilities, Places of Assemblage, Dormitories, Schools, Colleges, and Universities. These inspections utilize the Fire Safety Rules promulgated under the authority of Public Act 207 of 1941, the Michigan Fire Prevention Code.

The Field Services Division is also responsible to ensure fire safe conditions for Consumer Fireworks Retail Sales Facilities in accordance with the provisions of and rules promulgated under the authority of Public Act 256 of 2011, the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act. This is accomplished through a process of annual and random compliance inspections that includes the provision for issuance of civil fines for violations found.

Field inspections provide an ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of applicable fire safety laws and codes. When code-related problems are identified, recommendations may be made through the State Fire Safety Board to update relevant statutes and fire codes.

Fire marshal inspectors survey and inspect for proper installation and maintenance of fire protection features, such as: fire alarm and detection systems, fire suppression systems, construction type, fire separation and fire barriers/compartments, means of egress, interior finish and emergency power in accordance with the particular occupancy fire safety rules.