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Michigan Food Establishment License Applications 

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Michigan Food Establishment License Applications 

Please read the following steps below before applying for an MDARD food establishment license.

Step 1) Determine Which Agency to Contact

To determine if your food establishment is licensed by MDARD or the Local Health Department see "Determine Which Agency to Contact."

Food establishments not licensed by MDARD are licensed by a local health department. A local health department directory can be found on the Michigan Association for Local Public Health website.

Step 2) MDARD Food Establishments

Submitting an MDARD Food Establishment application should be the last thing you do in the process of setting up a new food establishment. For more information on the individual steps to be taken along the way to setting up a food establishment in Michigan, please see our Food Establishment Licensing Step-by-Step Guide.

Food establishment license applications are valid for one license year, May 1st through April 30th. Applications will expire on April 30th of the license year in which you applied.

Applications received on or after February 1st through April 30th will be valid through the end of the next license year.

Step 3) MDARD Food Establishment Online Application

Apply Online

Please note: A license is not issued until after an inspection has been completed and approval to operate is given.

All licensing fees are non-refundable, per statutory requirement.


For more information contact the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development at 800-292-3939.

Additional Resources

New Food Establishment Paper Applications:

All licensing fees are non-refundable, per statutory requirement.