Apply to join Secretary of State Collegiate Student Advisory Task Force

Michigan Secretary of State Student Collegiate Advisory Task Force


About the Collegiate Student Advisory Task Force

Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is seeking college, community college and university students for a first-of-its kind Collegiate Student Advisory Task Force to help improve voter engagement among their peers.

Benson believes that every voice should be heard in our democracy. Historically, students in Michigan faced significant barriers to voting and participated in elections at lower rates than older age groups. Benson is establishing the task force to combat this historic participation gap.

The task force will convene students from around the state who are both energized about and involved in voter engagement, bringing their diverse experiences on various campuses to this project. The group will advise on the unique challenges encountered by voters age 18 to 24 and produce recommendations to the secretary of state that encompass administrative, programmatic, and legislative changes or initiatives to encourage young people to vote. The goal is to ensure students’ voices are heard in our democracy as we implement the recent Promote the Vote constitutional amendment.

The work of this task force and the Michigan Department of State and Bureau of Elections more broadly is strictly nonpartisan. We welcome task force members of various perspectives and experiences. We expect task force members to engage in civic engagement and voter participation in a nonpartisan manner when doing so in their capacity as a task force member.

The task force will meet three times between September and November 2019, with final recommendations submitted in mid- to late-November 2019. In 2020, task force members will continue to work with the Secretary of State’s Office as student engagement liaisons on their respective campuses. In this capacity, students will serve as organizers and trusted sources of information for their peers, and the Secretary of State’s Office will continue to contact liaisons with updated voting information and tools.







Applications due by 3 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3