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Lobby Disclosure

2023 Winter Financial Report Summaries are due by 4:00 pm on

January 31, 2024

This report covers the period from August 1, 2023 through December 31, 2023 and is required by all registered Lobbyist and Lobbyist Agents. This report must be submitted even if there are no lobbying activities or expenditures to disclose for the period covered by the report. This report should not be filed prior to the end of the reporting period, unless requesting termination. Late Filing Fees will be assessed for all reports not filed by the due date.

  • The Lobby Electronic Filing Program (e-Lobby) is available further down for filing the Lobby Financial Report Summary and Itemized Expenditures form online.
  • The Itemized Expenditure form is required to be filed with the Financial Report Summary form, whether filing electronically or on paper, if the registrant meets the thresholds for itemizing.
  • Termination of a Registration must be requested on a final Financial Report Summary and include a requested date of termination. The report must disclose all lobbying activity and expenditures from the beginning of the reporting period until the requested date of termination.

Lobby Electronic Filing Program (e-Lobby)

Find out how Lobbyist and Lobbyist Agents registered under Michigan's Lobby Registration Act can file the Lobby Financial Report Summary, the Lobby Itemized Expenditures and amendments to the financial forms online using this program.