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Department of State takes action against unregistered repair shop in Bay County

The Michigan Department of State has issued a temporary cease and desist order against a repair shop in Bay County for operating without a facility registration in violation of the law.

R&N Auto, 1101 Cass Ave. in Bay City, owned by Nikolas Perreault and Ryan Perreault, was served with the order April 8. After receiving a complaint, a Department of State regulation agent attempted an inspection at R&N Auto on Jan. 11 and found the facility locked with vehicles parked outside. On Jan. 16, the agent attempted a second inspection but the facility again was closed. On Feb. 5, the agent called Nikolas Perreault to discuss the situation and Nikolas disconnected the call. The agent mailed a facility registration application to Nikolas Perreault on Feb. 5. The application wasn’t received by the department.

Temporary cease and desist orders prohibit the owners or anyone else at the facility from performing any further automotive repairs until the facility complies with state law. Under state law, any person who knowingly provides automotive repair services without a registration or certificate is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by up to 90 days in jail or a fine of up to $1,000, or both. The department hasn’t referred this case for prosecution but may do so if a facility owner repeatedly refuses to comply with the law.

Consumers who have a complaint against R&N Auto are encouraged to call the Office of Investigative Services automotive complaint line at 517-335-1410. Under Michigan law, a customer is entitled, by filing a civil action, to recover any amount paid to an unregistered facility for the repair of a motor vehicle belonging to that customer.

Consumers can verify whether the repair shop they are using is registered with the state by using the online search tool at and clicking “Business Services” and then “Repair Facility Services.”

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