Huron Valley Complex to open soon

The Huron Valley Complex conversion is well underway although construction delays have temporarily pushed back the opening day.

The conversion involves the closure of the Western Wayne Correctional Facility and the movement of those female prisoners to the former Huron Valley Center. The male prisoners currently being housed at the Huron Valley Center will move to the male side of the Huron Valley Complex as soon as mid November.

Female prisoners are scheduled to start the move into the female side of the new Huron Valley Complex in mid December.

The new Huron Valley Complex is a Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) facility and will offer expanded mental health care options to MDOC prisoners. The male side of Huron Valley Complex will offer three specific levels of mental health care service, Residential Treatment Program (RTP), Rehabilitation Treatment and Development (RTD) and Acute Care (AC). The facility will also include an infirmary for long-term medical care. Mental health clinical services will be provided by Department of Community Health (DCH) staff. However, the facility will be run by MDOC.

The women’s side of the complex will house general population female prisoners. Plans also call for a 25-bed infirmary section and up to 30 beds for mental health treatment.

"The main direction of this program is optimization of services," said project coordinator Debra Scutt. "People from both MDOC and DCH will staff the facility complex. This way we can provide the most appropriate services for our prisoners."

Warden for the Huron Valley Complex will be Susan Davis with Deputy Warden Olivia Bruce.

Michigan Department of Corrections FYI 101404