• 2021 Pure Michigan Hunt Winner Announced

    Congratulations to Ben Sprowl of Delton, MI, Mike VanHouten of Hudsonville, MI and Adam Ruggles of Three Rivers, MI who were selected as the 2021 winners of the Pure Michigan Hunt. Applications go on sale again on March 1, 2021, for your shot at the hunt of a lifetime in 2022. 

    Purchasing as a gift

    To purchase an application as a gift, create an account on eLicense using your ID and information. If your gift application is selected as one of the three hunters drawn each year, just tell us your purchase was a gift and who the intended recipient was. The hunting equipment package and the licenses then become theirs. If purchasing for multiple people, make a separate purchase for each person and note the time of the purchase for each recipient. If selected, we can give you the time stamp so you know who to transfer the winnings to. 

    Purchase as a gift for multiple people

    If you're buying for multiple people, complete separate purchases for each. That way, each gift purchase has a unique timestamp you can reference to know who the winning recipient is.

    Purchase using someone else's information

    If you'd rather purchase using their driver's license or sportcard number, you can also purchase in a store where hunting licenses are sold with their information.


  • Pure Michigan Hunt applications are on sale from March 1 - December 31. You could win a *prize package worth thousands, as well as licenses for *elk, bear, spring and fall turkey, antlerless deer, and the first pick at a managed waterfowl hunt area! Don't miss out on your shot at Michigan's ultimate hunt!

    Each $5 Pure Michigan Hunt application helps fund Michigan's wildlife habitat restoration and management. To find out more about what your hunting license and applications dollars are accomplishing, see the Wildlife Division's annual reports

    *Prize package subject to change. Only Michigan residents are eligible to obtain the elk license. Non-residents can transfer the elk license to a resident of their choice. 

Winning package includes: