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Enjoy Two Free ORV Weekends this summer

Twice a year, residents and nonresidents legally can ride without purchasing an ORV license or trail permit during Free ORV Weekends June 13-14 and Aug. 15-16, 2020. All other ORV rules and laws still apply. 

Riders will have access to nearly 3,800 miles of off-road trails and the state’s five scramble areas (St. Helen’s Motorsport Area, Black Lake Scramble Area, Silver Lake State Park, Bull Gap and The Mounds in Genesee County).

During the June Free ORV Weekend (June 13 & 14), not only can you ride your ORV for free, but the Recreation Passport entry fee is being waived that weekend (you can enter all state parks and boating access sites for free) AND it's Free Fishing Weekend, where residents and out-of-state visitors can fish without a license! Do all three, for free.

Important safety note 

Grading and other maintenance operations were ceased temporarily earlier in the season. Some maintenance activities are now beginning to resume; however, please use great care when riding trails this season. ORV riders are asked to slow down, take corners with extra caution, watch for potential hazards and stay on designated trails.


For more information, contact Rob Katona at 906-228-6561 or or Jessica Holley at 517-331-3790 or

Consider purchasing an ORV license or trail permit for the season. Fees generated through ORV licenses and trail permits are reinvested back into the ORV system. These important dollars help fund trail expansion, maintenance and infrastructure improvements, such as bridge and culvert construction and repair, as well as law enforcement and the offsetting of damage created by illegal use.