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Safety at Great Lakes Beaches

Additional safety features & tips

    • There are buoys marking the swim area: Buoys are present at all state park beaches in addition to most other public and private beaches. Swim only in designated buoyed swim areas and never jump off or swim near piers. Currents found near piers are extremely dangerous.
    • All state park swim beaches have a lifesaving flotation device: Lifesaving devices are available at all state park beaches in addition to many other public beaches. If you see someone in trouble, call for help and throw the lifesaving device or anything else that floats. Avoid entering the water if possible and if you must go wear a life jacket – it can save you and the person in trouble.
    • Never swim alone: Be sure someone else is with you in case of an emergency.
    • Keep close watch of children: Stay within arm's reach and have them wear a lifejacket.
    • Before you go, visit current Great Lakes swim risk levels at weather.gov/greatlakes/beachhazards (National Weather Service).

Currents and how to escape from them

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