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  • With many of Michigan's school-aged children learning from home this year, we would like to provide some fun and educational activities aimed at history and the outdoors.

    We've put together an extensive list of links and materials to provide kids and their caregivers with plenty to do. Resources include videos from our state park interpreters, outdoor scavenger hunts, reading materials, free apps, websites, virtual tours and more.

    We would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the individuals and organizations who shared their materials.

Nature lesson videos from the DNR

Our park interpreters have been busy creating these videos to teach you about Michigan's great outdoors! These playlists are updated often as new videos are released - keep checking back to see what comes next!
  • Nature at School Webinars

    DNR educators share their knowledge in 30-minute lessons on birds, habitat, wetlands and Michigan’s natural resources.

  • Nature Glance

    Christine Steensma, interpreter at Oden State Fish Hatchery Visitor Center, shares nature facts and humor from up north.

  • Earth Day 

    Join educators from across the state as they celebrate Earth Day, with ideas for protecting and enjoying YOUR natural resources!

  • Ludington Learning

    Ludington State Park interpreter Alan Wernette teaches you about trees, stones, river banks and more.

  • Tobico Treasures

    Join Bay City park interpreter Jonathan Massung as he teaches you about birds, tying knots and other outdoor skills.

  • Tree Detectives

    Join Hartwick Pines park interpreter Craig Kasmer as he shows you how to find clues to identify Michigan trees.

  • Virtual Interpreters

    Nature educators from our visitor centers around the state talk frogs, fish, birds, beavers and more.

  • Tracy's Teachings

    Aquatic education coordinator Tracy Page talks about water-dwelling critters, fish skills and activities, and more.

  • Mammal Mania

    A series of 11 videos testing your knowledge of Michigan mammals as you investigate wildlife crime scenes. Check your answers here!

  • 60-Second Snakes

    This video series will help you identify a variety of Michigan snake species you may encounter in your outdoor exploration.

  • Wolf Lake Hatchery Tour

    Take a tour of the Wolf Lake Hatchery Visitor Center and learn how we raise millions of fish each year and why we raise them.

  • Nature in OUR Neighborhood

    Join staff from the Outdoor Adventure Center as they show you how you can enjoy nature in your neighborhood, or your own backyard.