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Get outdoors

Outdoor activities, investigations and scavenger hunts

All ages:

Community science opportunities – get involved in nature research

Build a nature scavenger hunt app

Foster outdoor observation skills – easy-to-use activities for grades K-8

Create a garden that helps wildlife

Identify wildlife using scat:
-Scat dichotomy key (with images)
-Scat dichotomy key (text only)

Make a plaster cast of an animal track

Grades Pre-K-2:

Sense detectives – use your senses and search the forest for the needs of real animals

Activities and videos about fish and wildlife

Grades 3-5:

Nature journal lesson

Heartbeats and exercise

Grades 6-8:

Nature journal lesson

Urban ecology lesson plan and field guide

Guide to keystone species

Grades 9-12:

Field investigation guide – asking questions, designing investigations, building science skills step by step