New Field Procedures and Exam

New field procedure training, demonstration plots available

Eight timber cruise demonstration sites have been established for training timber procurement customers and industry stakeholders (procurement foresters and producers) in the newly established field procedures and cruise methods. These stands (four in the Upper Peninsula near Manistique, four in the northern Lower Peninsula near Waters) were cruised with current cruise methods and new cruise methods to provide a real-world comparison. The sites are located in red pine, aspen/ aspen-oak, northern hardwood and jack pine forests.

These sites allow industry foresters the ability to cruise using their own method and then compare that information to the demonstration site cruise information compiled using the new cruise method.

Maps and volume comparison data for any of these 8 sites can be obtained by contacting staff:

The new procedures being used by field staff for both inventory purposes and timber sale cruises will improve accuracy and save time. The old "mark and tally" cruise method has been replaced and only the new "mark and point sample" collecting method for measuring tree data is being used.

Timber Cruising Products and Standards Exam + Field Test

This exam is required for those who wish to bid on contract work for timber sale preparation

Recommended steps:

  1. Review the Timber Products and Standards guide
  2. Watch the online training video.
  3. Take the exam via the Timber Cruising Products and Standards Exam link, or by request to Jacob ReidUsers may take the exam as many times as needed. 
  4. Certified contractors can prepare timber sales on state land ONLY if they have passed the exam in item 3 and a required field test to maintain pre-qualification as a contractor. The field test is arranged per person upon request and can be scheduled by contacting:
  • Upper Peninsula: Bob Tylka, 906-250-9225.
  • Lower Peninsula: Tim Greco, 989-619-5519.